Wii Fit Trainer
WVGCW Wrestler

Wii fit trainer 2k14 vgcw
WWE 2K14 CAW created by: Valcion

Wii fit trainer vgcw
WWE '13 CAW created by: Valcion

Wii fit trainer real
Design from: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Nickname(s) WFT
Ring Announcer Name? Ms. Virtual Muscle Master
Commentary Name? The Olympian
Billed From? No Place In Particular
Company/Group? Nintendo
Debut 2013-12-05
Ring Intro Music
Tim and Eric - Sports! (Sports Bar Remix)
(Vertical Suplex Piledriver / Steiner Screwdriver)

Wii Split
(Inverted leg drop bulldog into a split–legged pin)

Status Active
Impression Face
Current Co-Op Team Diet & Exercise
Biggest Ally Mama


In the Wii Fit franchise Edit

Wii Fit Trainer is an avatar from the Wii Fit games. She and her male counterpart give instructions for the various activities and mini games while guiding the player through a variety of Yoga poses. While the games where a big hit, Wii Fit Trainers popularity soared to new heights when it was revealed she would be a new character in the Super Smash Bros. series. No Nintendo character was safe from her grueling workout sessions.


With a need to make every Video Game character fit, Wii Fit Trainer packed up her Balance Board and joined the WVGCW. She instantly won the crowd over with her energetic theme and acrobatic cartwheels. Her first opponent, Sindel, would have none of that, however, and beat the Olympian in her debut match. This trend of losing would continue for another four matches before she finally got a win over resident jobber Chun-Li. However, unlike other less noteworthy wrestlers, the crowd didn't care whether or not she won, as she always puts on an entertaining match.


Date Opponent(s) Type Result Record 1v1 Notes
2015-11-27 Tina Armstrong, Faith, Franziska, Mama, Aigis Elimination Chamber Loss 4-10-0 3-5-0

Casualette Contenders match; Eliminated fourth

2015-10-02 Bronze Fist Tag (w/ Mama) Loss 4-9-0 3-5-0
2015-07-03 The Last Sheikah Tag Team (w/ Mama) Loss 4-8-0 3-5-0
2015-06-19 Poison Singles Win 4-7-0 3-5-0
2015-05-21 Double Dash!! Tag Team (w/ Mama) Win 3-7-0 2-5-0 Debut of Diet & Exercise
2015-04-03 Princess Daisy Singles (w/ Mama) Win 2-7-0 2-5-0 (29%)
2014-11-14 Meryl Silverburgh, Princess Daisy Triple Threat Loss 1-7-0 1-5-0 Pinned by Meryl
2014-09-04 Impa (w/ Zelda) 2/3 Falls Loss 1-6-0 1-5-0 Lost 2-1, Zelda left mid-match
2014-06-13 Chun-Li 2/3 Falls Win 1-5-0 1-4-0 (20%) Won 2-1
2014-05-09 Jessie Singles Loss 0-5-0 0-4-0
2014-03-14 Kitana 2/3 Falls Loss 0-4-0 0-3-0 Lost 2-0
2014-01-17 Faith Singles Loss 0-3-0 0-2-0
2013-12-27 Elizabeth, Impa, Shantae, Mama, Cate Archer Six-Woman Elimination Loss 0-2-0 0-1-0 Eliminated last by Impa
2013-12-05 Sindel Singles Loss 0-1-0 0-1-0 Debut