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The midcard approves of this title change
In the Mortal Kombat franchise
Scorpion is a popular character from the Mortal Kombat series. He is a member of the Japanese Shirai Ryu ninja clan who are sworn enemies of the Lin Kuei, a clan of Chinese assassins. After having his entire clan wiped out by the Lin Kuei, Scorpion was resurrected by the necromancer Quan Chi. Swearing vengeance upon his killers, Scorpion entered the Mortal Kombat tournament to slay his killer, Sub-Zero. Upon slaying Sub-Zero, Scorpion secretly acted as a protector of Sub-Zero's younger brother to make amends with the younger cryomancer, a vow which placed Scorpion against the forces of evil on multiple occasions. Fueled by the powers of the Netherrealm, this haunting spectre will defeat any opponents that cross his path and would prevent him from extracting his revenge.
Shattering the Glass Ceiling
Scorpion's long odyssey had finally culminated with what was perhaps the biggest Championship win in VGCW history. The sold out Twitch Chat erupted, as Scorpion had at long last realized the ultimate dream. It wasn't just the crowd however, as many wrestlers poured out of the locker room to congratulate Scorpion. Everyone from his oldest rival Ezio Auditore, to fellow break out star Phoenix Wright, and even The Ring Rangers embraced scorpion. This Cinderella story ending seemed poised to end quickly, however, as Sonic appeared, possibly for his MITB cash-in, but Proto Man assured Scorpion that his moment would not be stolen and quickly knocked the hedgehog out cold with a Blues Driver. The long, long climb was over. The King of The Ring Saga with Ezio, the title match against Ganondorf, the chase of the Casual Championship, the Midcard purgatory, the legendary Iron Man match with Red, all had been worth it.

The King of The Midkard was now King of VGCW.
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Here are the list of recent broadcasts, with full individual match details and outcomes on their respective pages:

& Episode
DateExpanded Date# of
8062014-07-01July 1st, 20145
F4072014-06-27June 27th, 20147
8052014-06-17June 17th, 20147
F4062014-06-13June 13th, 20148
8042014-06-10June 10th, 20148
8032014-06-03June 3rd, 20147
F4062014-05-30May 30th, 20147
8022014-05-27May 27th, 20149
F4052014-05-22May 22th, 20147
8012014-05-20May 20th, 20148
7132014-05-13May 13th, 201410
F4042014-05-09May 9th, 20148
7122014-05-06May 6th, 20147
7112014-04-29April 29th, 20149
F4032014-04-24April 24th, 20147
7102014-04-22April 22nd, 20147
7092014-04-15April 15th, 20147
F4022014-04-10April 10th, 20147
7082014-04-08April 8th, 20148
F4012014-04-03April 3rd, 20147
7072014-04-01April 1st, 20146
7062014-03-25March 25th, 20145
F3092014-03-14March 14th, 201412
7052014-03-11March 11th, 20147
7042014-03-04March 4th, 20147
7032014-02-25February 25th, 20148
7022014-02-18February 18th, 20149
F3082014-02-13February 13th, 20147
7012014-02-11February 11th, 20148
Full broadcast list can be seen on the broadcasts page.


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