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Ayla 2k14 vgcw
In Chrono Trigger
Ayla is a cavewoman from 65 Million BC and the leader of primitive humanity. She had been in constant conflict with the Reptites, a race of dinosaur people, until the intervention of a group of time-traveling heroes led by a man named Crono. Crono and his friends came to Ayla's time to destroy an extraterrestrial entity that impacted into Earth during her present which wiped out the Reptites and would eventually destroy the entire world eons later. Ayla agreed to join Crono's group to stop the creature, which she dubbed Lavos. The heroes eventually confronted Lavos in the year 1999 AD and successfully changed the future.
Ayla had the Gurl Gamer Champion, Terra, in her sights. At End Game 6, Terra finally returned from injury to face her. At first, the cavewoman seemed like she was completely outgunned by the Esper hybrid, landing one blow for every five Terra did, but the cavewoman would endure. When Terra attempted a second Riot Blade, Ayla seized her chance, grabbing Terra out of mid-air and hammering her with a History's Strongest Slam. The momentum fully switched to Ayla afterwards, and she would promptly sweep the match 2-0 to win. Ayla's swift climb is complete: she is the strongest, and the champion.
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VGCW Broadcasts

Here are the list of recent broadcasts, with full individual match details and outcomes on their respective pages:

& Episode
DateExpanded Date# of
F6102015-07-28July 28th, 20159
11022015-07-21July 21st, 20157
F6092015-07-17July 17th, 20156
11012015-07-14July 14th, 20157
F6082015-07-03July 3rd, 20158
F6072015-06-19June 19th, 20158
10132015-06-09June 9th, 20159
F6062015-06-04June 4th, 20157
10122015-06-02June 2nd, 20157
10112015-05-26May 26th, 20157
F6052015-05-21May 21st, 20159
10102015-05-19May 19th, 20157
10092015-05-12May 12th, 20157
10082015-05-05May 5th, 20155
10072015-04-28April 28th, 201511
F6042015-04-23April 23rd, 20158
10062015-04-21April 21st, 20156
10052015-04-14April 14th, 20157
F6032015-04-03April 3rd, 20157
10042015-03-31March 31st, 20157
10032015-03-24March 24th, 20157
10022015-03-17March 17th, 20158
F6022015-03-12March 12th, 20157
10012015-03-10March 10th, 20158
F6012015-03-03March 3rd, 20157
9162015-02-17February 17th, 201510
9152015-02-10February 10th, 20157
SR22015-02-03February 3rd, 201515
9142015-01-27January 27th, 20157
9132015-01-20January 20th, 20157
9122015-01-13January 13th, 20157
9112015-01-06January 6th, 20157
F5102015-01-02January 2nd, 201511
9102014-12-30December 30th, 20146
9092014-12-23December 23rd, 20145
9082014-12-16December 16th, 20148
9072014-12-09December 9th, 20146
F5092014-12-05December 5th, 20147
9062014-12-02December 2nd, 20147
9052014-11-25November 25th, 20147
9042014-11-18November 18th, 20147
F5082014-11-14November 14th, 20147
9032014-11-11November 11th, 20148
9022014-11-04November 4th, 20147
F5072014-10-30October 30th, 20147
9012014-10-28October 28th, 20147
F5062014-10-16October 16th, 20147
F5052014-09-30September 30th, 20148
F5042014-09-23September 23rd, 20147
8172014-09-16September 16th, 201410
8162014-09-09September 9th, 20147
F5032014-09-04September 4th, 20148
8152014-09-02September 2nd, 20148
8142014-08-26August 26th, 20147
F5022014-08-21August 21st, 20147
8132014-08-19August 19th, 20148
8122014-08-12August 12th, 20148
F5012014-08-07August 7th, 20147
8112014-08-05August 5th, 20148
8102014-07-29July 29th, 20147
8092014-07-22July 22nd, 20147
8082014-07-15July 15th, 20147
8072014-07-08July 8th, 20146
F4092014-07-04July 4th, 201410
8062014-07-01July 1st, 20145
F4082014-06-27June 27th, 20147
8052014-06-17June 17th, 20147
F4072014-06-13June 13th, 20148
8042014-06-10June 10th, 20148
8032014-06-03June 3rd, 20147
F4062014-05-30May 30th, 20147
8022014-05-27May 27th, 20149
F4052014-05-22May 22th, 20147
8012014-05-20May 20th, 20148
Full broadcast list can be seen on the broadcasts page.


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