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VGCWVGCW: Female Division
VGCW ChampionCasual ChampionGurl Gamer ChampionCasualette Champion
Protoman 2k14 vgcw
Waluigi 2k14 vgcw
Ayla 2k14 vgcw
Chie 2k14 vgcw
Co-Op Champion TeamGurl Co-Op Champion Team
Shadaloo 2k14 vgcw
Still alive 2k14 vgcw
8 - 7
Mr. Money
in the Bank

Featured Wrestler

Protoman 2k14 vgcw

In the Mega Man series
Proto Man is a fictional video game character from Capcom. He first appeared in Mega Man 3 as an enemy to Mega Man, where they faced off several times in the game. After Mega Man defeats Dr. Wily, it is revealed that Proto Man was the first robot designed by Dr. Light. Ever since, Proto Man has been helping Mega Man, even being a playable character in Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10. Known for being the cool, collected, and snarky "brother" to Mega Man.
Season 7: Even Now There Is Hope For Man
The night of the Elimination Chamber arrived. Six men trying to prove that they were the best the company had to offer. Even though his position in the power rankings was easily the lowest of the six in the bout, Proto's previous performance gave him a shot. Upon entering, it seemed that shot would go for naught as Gabe Newell really took it to the robot in the early going. Proto Man would get back on track by eliminating Phoenix Wright and Duke Nukem with his patented Proto Buster shortly thereafter. In the end, it came down to Gabe Newell and Proto Man once again after the former squashed AVGN under his massive frame. Gabe, who had been in since the start, tried to end it with one move, but the slam was countered. Wasting no time, Proto hit his third and final Proto Buster.

There was no Glitch Bomb controversy to taint this moment. The bot that had gone from recycled to resurrected stood atop the VGCW mountain once more as its champion. Even now, there was hope for Proto Man.
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DateExpanded Date# of
F4012014-04-03April 3rd, 20147
7072014-04-01April 1st, 20146
7062014-03-25March 25th, 20145
F3092014-03-14March 14th, 201412
7052014-03-11March 11th, 20147
7042014-03-04March 4th, 20147
7032014-02-25February 25th, 20148
7022014-02-18February 18th, 20149
F3082014-02-13February 13th, 20147
7012014-02-11February 11th, 20148
6112014-02-04February 4th, 201410
F3072014-01-31January 31st, 20147
6102014-01-28January 28th, 20146
SR012014-01-21January 21st, 201415
F3062014-01-17January 17th, 20147
6092014-01-14January 14th, 20147
F3052014-01-11January 11th, 20147
6082014-01-07January 7th, 20147
F3042013-12-27December 27th, 20137
6072013-12-24December 24th, 20138
6062013-12-17December 17th, 20137
6052013-12-10December 10th, 20138
F3032013-12-05December 5th, 20137
6042013-12-03December 3rd, 20139
6032013-11-26November 26th, 20135
F3022013-11-22November 22nd, 20137
6022013-11-19November 19th, 20137
6012013-11-12November 12th, 20137
5132013-11-05November 5th, 201312
F3012013-10-30October 30th, 20137
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