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V.I.L.E.C.W. (Villain's International League of Evil Championship Wrestlers) is a criminal organization formed during Carmen Sandiego's take over of the VGCW: Female Division. The three original members, Carmen, Dr. Gero, and Mavis Beacon, worked together to usurp Bryn McMahon's position as GM of WVGCW. As a result of their victory, they are now aided by VGCW Security, who by contract have to recognize Carmen as their boss. Princess Daisy also has offered her service, though the reasons are unclear (but it's widely speculated that her sole interest is quenching her apparent bloodlust).

Formation & DominationEdit

Carmen's interest in VGCW returned with Bryn McMahon's attempts to arrange a meeting with her to discuss her original departure. Having an even greater lust to steal, Carmen put motions in action that would result in a complete takeover of the Female Division.

She arranged the meeting with Bryn, but never showed up, only to leave in place a recently stolen artifact from her collection in order to pin the theft on him. She just needed to draw the world's attention to it. But how?

Carmen asked for the aid of evil scientist Dr. Gero who, unbeknownst to him, had one of his creations in the division already. Carmen asked Gero to create a doppelganger of Android 18 in order to delay Bryn's attempts at tracking down Carmen's location with the help of Mavis Beacon. In exchange, Gero would be paid handsomely.

Once Carmen learned of Bryn's attempts to get help through Mavis, Carmen confronted the typing enthusiast and convinced her to lie to Bryn about the artifact being a fake and to join in Carmen's alliance.

After gathering enough intel, Carmen learned how easy Bryn was to manipulate. Bryn asked Carmen to sign a contract in order to get back into wrestling, but she only agreed to this if Bryn in turn signed her contract. They compromised, by combining them into one and signing it. Bryn had just unknowingly signed the Division away to Carmen.

After dominating her match and reclaiming the Gurl Gamer Championship, Carmen revealed to Bryn that he was no longer GM. Bryn, not wanting to go down without a fight, got a match against Dr. Gero, only to go down in the fight. At Bryn's weakest moment, Mavis walked into the ring, telling the world that he was a thief for stealing the artifact. Bryn proclaimed otherwise, but he no longer had any weight to pull on the show and was arrested.

Growing the OrganizationEdit

Carmen, knowing that some would not like this change in ownership, wondered who she could get to join her group for protection. That's when Princess Daisy walked into Carmen's office and offered her services.