The next episode of the VGCW: Female Division will reveal some of the card for the season finale show that comes after. That means there are only 2 episodes left of Season 2!

The finale show (not titled "End Game" by the way), is aiming to be 3 hours long and feature many great matches, as well as a conclusion to all the collusion that has been happening. Afterwards there will be a break as I go through and actually code the doc/standings into HTML. Yes, for real this time.

But, since I don't have a set date for the show like Bazza does now, I'm taking a quick poll to see what the best day of the week would be for you! Answer honestly so I can plan for it! Deadline for the poll is Tuesday evening, not too long after VGCW. - BRYN4444 (talk)

When would be the best day of the week for you to catch the VGCW: Female Division Season Finale live?

Day of the Week

The poll was created at 23:14 on September 15, 2013, and so far 135 people voted.
Monday was removed because of RAW. Tuesday was removed because of VGCW.

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