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  • BRYN4444

    So I booked these two Fridays off because I wanted the go home show and breakdown to be back to back weeks. However, most of you Americans will be celebrating AMERICA DAY on the 4th. Now for whatever reason, my work gave me the 3rd off too without asking them, so I might (and that's a big MIGHT), be able to do the show on Thursday if a bunch of you think it's a good idea.

    So let me know in this poll. I'll announce if I push the show ahead.
    This all depends on votes and my ability to make the show quickly.

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  • BRYN4444

    Quick Poll for WVGCW Finale

    September 15, 2013 by BRYN4444

    The next episode of the VGCW: Female Division will reveal some of the card for the season finale show that comes after. That means there are only 2 episodes left of Season 2!

    The finale show (not titled "End Game" by the way), is aiming to be 3 hours long and feature many great matches, as well as a conclusion to all the collusion that has been happening. Afterwards there will be a break as I go through and actually code the doc/standings into HTML. Yes, for real this time.

    But, since I don't have a set date for the show like Bazza does now, I'm taking a quick poll to see what the best day of the week would be for you! Answer honestly so I can plan for it! Deadline for the poll is Tuesday evening, not too long after VGCW. - BRYN4444 (talk)


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