The Great Saiyaman
EDBW Wrestler

Great Saiyaman
WWE 2K14 CAW created by: John Dudebro

Great Saiyaman Real
Design from: Dragon Ball Z

Real Name Son Gohan
Nickname(s) The Golden Warrior
Ring Announcer Name? The Great Savior Man
Commentary Name? Hero
Billed From? Chroma City
Company/Group? Anime Character
Debut 2017-03-10
Ring Intro Music
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 - Main Theme Cover
Justice Punch
(Punch Combo w/ Theatrics)

Justice Kick
(Roundhouse Kick w/ Theatrics)

Saiyaman Driver
(Over-the-shoulder reverse piledriver / Rikishi Driver)

Status Active
Impression Face
Biggest Ally Videl
Other Allies Vegeta, Mr. Satan, Piccolo
Biggest Enemy Evildoers
Past Enemies Vegeta, Nappa

Guardian of the city, I am the one and only... Great Saiyaman!

The Great Saiyaman is the superhero alter-ego of Son Gohan, a major character in the Dragon Ball series. He is currently a wrestler for EDBW.

In the Dragon Ball SeriesEdit

Son Gohan is the son of Dragon Ball's main character, Son Goku, and is introduced at the beginning of the Dragon Ball Z series. Over the course of the series, he grows from a child into an adult, usually serving as a supporting character but briefly becoming the primary protagonist when he defeats Cell. By the end of the series and the beginning of its sequel series, Dragon Ball Super, he is married to Videl and the two have a child together.

All of that is irrelevant to this page, though. The Great Saiyaman is the champion of justice in Satan City, who performs superhuman feats of strength and speed to battle criminals and protect the innocent from danger. Some believe his astonishing power may even rival that of Earth's greatest hero, Mr. Satan himself!

His true identity is, to this day, a mystery.


After weeks of vignettes hyping his impending arrival, The Great Saiyaman made his long-awaited debut on the March 10, 2017 episode of EDBW, where he squared off against the returning Commander Keen. Though the young commander put up a valiant effort, justice would prevail, scoring the pinfall after a Saiyaman Driver and his signature Justice Punch.

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