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Still Alive
Female Division Co-Op Team

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Status Active
Impression Face

Still Alive is a tag team consisting of Chell and Faith. The titular name comes from two songs associated with them, both named "Still Alive".

In Real LifeEdit

Faith and Chell are two popular female heroines from separate games and separate universes. However both of them are considered strong examples of female video game characters leading many to associate one with the other, particularly when bringing up lists of top female protagonists. The two also combat corrupt authorities in their games, Chell has to deal with the crazed homicidal AI GLADOS who monitors her every move while Faith has to avoid being killed by the dystopian regime that is beginning to rise in power in her city.

In the VGCW: Female DivisionEdit

The highly anticipated tag team Still Alive would get their long awaited debut on August 1st against two members of The Witches Three; Terror Baltimore and Bayonetta. The undefeated Portal Queen would kick off the match against the Umbral Witch, Bayonetta. Surprisingly, Bayonetta would come out hard against Chell and the initial bout was fairly even with both sides answering blow for blow. Once fan favorite Terra entered the ring, many viewers were expecting the fight to become more one-sided. Still Alive didn't flinch in the face of Terror and were able to keep putting the pressure on the strongest of the Witches Three with both Chell and Faith going toe to toe with her. At about the midway point of the match, the teamwork of the Witches began to deteriorate and Still Alive started to capitalize, hard. While Chell fought with Terra in and outside of the ring, Faith was able to slam Bayonetta onto the solid ground multiple times causing serious injury without her even stepping into the ring for the majority of the match. The Witches would fight back with Terra spearing Chell through a barricade and Bayonetta activating Witch Time but it was too little too late. Faith would secure the pinfall on Bayonetta after a vicious DDT and acquire the teams first win in their debut match.

Tag Team RecordEdit

Date Opponents Result Tag Record Notes
2015-01-02 RPGenie Loss 7-2-0 Lost Gurl Co-Op Championship, Hell in a Cell Match
2014-09-30 RPGenie Win 7-1-0 Defended Gurl Co-Op Championship, Final Destination Tables Match
2014-07-04 Saints Roll Win 6-1-0 Defended Gurl Co-Op Championship, TLC Match
2014-04-03 The Last Sheikah Win 5-1-0 Defended Gurl Co-Op Championship, Tornado Tag, Falls Count Anywhere
2013-12-05 Cobra Twonit Win 4-1-0 Won Gurl Co-Op Championship, Tornado Tag Elimination, Falls Count Anywhere
2013-10-04 Camstrings Win 3-1-0 Gurl Co-Op #1 Contenders, Tornado Tag Elimination
2013-09-03 Cobra Twonit Loss 2-1-0
2013-08-22 Devil's Advocate Win 2-0-0
2013-08-01 The Witches Three Win 1-0-0 Debut

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