Roman Reigns
WWE Superstar


Design from: WWE

Real Name Leati Joseph Anoa’i
Nickname(s) Ramen, The Juggernaut, The Big Dog, The Superman, The Power House, Roman Range
Billed From? Pensacola, Florida
Company/Group? WWE
Debut 2015-02-17
Ring Intro Music
"The Truth Reigns" by Jim Johnston
Flying Clothesline
Flying Clothesline
Samoan Drop
Apron Dropkick
Superman Punch
Believe That

Past Allies Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins
Biggest Enemy Daniel Bryan
Other Enemies The Authority
Past Enemies Batista, Dean Ambrose, John Cena, Kane, Randy Orton, Ryback, The Undertaker

"I would cock this here fist and make it REIGN in that bitch!"

In Real Life/WWEEdit

Roman Reigns is a wrestler in the WWE and winner of the 2015 Royal Rumble, while also once holding the Tag Team Championship with Seth Rollins as The Shield. He's widely regarded as the single strongest and most sexy badass in the company. People who don't like Roman only hate him because they hate their lives and is currently the wwe world champion.


With his real life popularity at an all time high that rivaled even that of Austin 3:16, Roman Reigns made his VGCW debut at End Game 9 against Zangief, the single most beloved man in the company, in a match so hyped that it was forced to open the show due to the sheer anticipation of all those watching. What followed was almost a given, with Roman "Five stars minimum" Reigns tearing the house down yet again and undeniably stealing the show as the entire crowd ate out of the palm of his hand. The Juggernaut, as selfless as always, knew it would be best for business if he made The Red Cyclone Zangief look really strong, so he let his opponent win in an iconic moment sure to stand the test of time, shades of Hulk Hogan vs The Rock.