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Earlier (Pre-Archive)
November 2012
VGCW Broadcast
An example of vintage VGCW.
Archive Without Chat:
Listed on Their Individual Matches
Number of Matches: 2
Next Episode:
Next Broadcast:
In the beginning, there was Bazza87...


Pre-Archive refers to a time before the first fully archived episode of VGCW. Before then, Bazza did not have archives enabled on his stream.

A few early followers might remember a time when The Pyro and The Hulk were VGCW Champions, but for the most part these times are forgotten.

Only a few remaining recordings exist of this time period.


"Grump" Extreme Rules Special Referee Match Watch
JonTron VS. Egoraptor I
with Special Referee AVGN
VGCW Championship Extreme Rules Match Watch
Gabe Newell (VGCW Champion) VS. Donkey Kong Winner:
Gabe Newell

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