Welcome to the former VGCW Power Rankings page. For a number of shows, we ranked the top wrestlers on how well we thought they were doing at the time and offered some analysis and suggestions. While these rankings are no longer being updated, a computer power rankings page has popped up and lives on, so please check it out! Thanks for everyone's support during this page's short run!


Greetings to those who watch in The Night! We're happy to serve up another edition of the Power Rankings. It was certainly a tough one to figure out, trying to balance out the inactives and losers with the faces that don't show often, but here's what we came up with. As always, feel free to leave your feedback in the Talk page!

An additional note, we have had some requests about adding WVGCW to the list. This is definitely in the plans! But we'd like to see a few more shows before making judgments there, especially when newcomers are constantly being added. Hopefully we can have that going soon!

So let's jump into the Top 15 + 5:

1. (1) Vegeta
While there wasn't a title defense, Vegeta was active in doing all he could to disrupt the resistance efforts of Geno and Solid Snake, working to KO his enemies both inside and outside the squared circle. He may have taken a shot from Mr. Satan's reconsideration to join Vamphound, but we don't think much of it. Now he has a contender in Dr. Wily and the continuing threat of Charles Barkley with the Money in the Bank. This should be a very trying time for the Saiyan and we think it will show just how sustainable his power is.

2. (3) Charles Barkley
No cash-in from Barkley, but there wasn't much of an opportunity as VGCW Champion Vegeta wasn't having much of a rough time in his beatdowns. We do move Mr. Money in the Bank up a notch because of Red's two-week inactivity, but that also means Barkley can't wait in the shadows forever. He needs to be physically ready for his moment to strike, and being in matches will facilitate that.

3. (2) Red
Another week off for the Casual Champion, but we don't go overboard because he's been extremely consistent prior to this. We still drop him a spot because we're worried about his physical condition now that he's taken two shows off after the Drac Pack beatdown. Still, we're extremely excited about his next defense against the flaming hot Barret Wallace in a true battle of heart.

4. (9) Barret Wallace
Perhaps the wrestler with the biggest hot streak this season, Barret has hit a renaissance, transforming from a low-tier wrestler into a competitor with absolute will. After getting another chance to earn a Casual Championship opportunity, Barret seized it with authority, getting falls on [strike]all three[/strike] two men and Tingle to continue his incredible run. We put him right below the champ he should be facing next show in what should prove to be an instant classic.

5. (10) Dr. Wily
Dracula should have known full well what to expect when he put the master of escaping into a steel cage match. Wily lived up to his reputation with a huge win to get another crack at the VGCW title. We have to wonder if there was any kind of ulterior motive out of the GM's office in making that match, given Wily's poor performance in the Fatal Fourway, but we doubt the good doctor's complaining. Interestingly, if Alberto snags the belt, the very man who pinned him in the Fatal Fourway has the briefcase to take the strap right away...

6. (4) Adam Jensen
Jensen only took a single week off, but look at the current picture. Vamphound has grown to three without Jensen's involvement. The VGCW Championship picture doesn't include a certain augmented wrestler, either. There's a heated Casual Championship battle, and Jensen isn't bothering to settle for that, either. He only took one week off, but VGCW is moving without Jensen right now, and it could be tough to shove himself back in.

7. (6) Dracula
We have to admit that Dracula's picked his pack pretty well. Vegeta has been seemingly invincible since joining up. Kefka proved himself to have a lot of potential after his first singles win. Dan may not be winning matches, but he's still doing damage in brawls and continues to be loyal, which is still good to have. But the numbers game is changing, and his pack's failure to fully chase Mr. Satan away from Vamphound makes us wonder if it creates a bit of a spark for other wrestlers to join the resistance. Drac still has a good grip, but it seems to be a slow burn right now. Time will have to tell on just how tight his reign is.

8. (5) Gabe Newell
Gaben rolls down a few spots after counting to two consecutive no-shows, hopefully he doesn't make it to...uh...more than two. We would have dropped him a bit more, but with a lack of impressive performances at the bottom of the rankings, this is as far as he goes. Like Jensen, Gabe is also finding himself outside of the big events in VGCW lately. If Vamphound overthrows Dracula without any help from Jensen or Gaben, does he really deserve a chance at GM if he's done nothing? Food for thought.

9. (7) Ganondorf
Ganondorf also moves down a bit after missing a couple shows. Right now he's waiting to see who emerges out of the mini-tournament to determine a contender, but it wouldn't hurt for the Dark Lord to get loose so he's prepared. After Zangief's prior loss and no-show, it would be good for [{Gerudo Skies]] to build some confidence heading into their defense against GameCenter FU or The Elite Two, whichever team winds up earning the shot.

10. (19) Mr. Satan
The hero of Earth turns his focus to saving VGCW, joining Vamphound to help make it a credible threat to stop Dracula's plans. Hopefully his health holds up, because a weak stomach won't cut it in the fight against the Drac Pack. While we moved Satan up a bit more than we would have liked, there wasn't much to like above him, so Hercule gets a nice lift this time. We're curious to find out how Vamphound will try to make their increased number work for the good of the company.

11. (8) Geno
After getting beat down twice in one night, Geno doesn't look very good right now. But we have to give some credit to him to prevent the slide from going too far for getting Mr. Satan on his side. Whether it was out of pity, a chance to do some good, or another reason, Geno's team finds itself at three, which might be a good recruiting tool to gain even more members and help make the fight against the GM even more effective. While his physical strength doesn't inspire us, his heart and dedication to keep doing what he believes is right has earned our respect and a new ally.

12. (N/A) Kefka Palazzo
An extremely impressive singles debut from Kefka, showing no mercy to his fellow Drac Pack member to make a huge statement about what he brings to the group. While his career started off quietly, we can see that Dracula may have been hiding a gem, probably keeping him close rather than at the ring. Kefka's unorthodox style is very capable of confusing enemies like Vamphound. If anyone wants to stage a coup, this clown must go down.

13. (11) Groose
Groose was not loose last show, perhaps his near upset of the VGCW Champion left Dracula a bit worried, making the GM put the pompadour to pasture, at least for a week anyway. Hopefully he comes back next show, we're very interested to get to know Groose's potential better, as he's very tough to gauge with his short career so far.

14. (12) Mike Haggar
The Mayor licks his wounds after that Money in the Bank match and winds up not participating in either of the contender's matches. Whether this was a result of others being favored for the opportunity or Haggar being physically unable to compete, we probably won't know. Fortunately other performers low on the list also had a bad showing last time, so Haggar doesn't fall much, but he needs to get back on track.

15. (N/A) Flint
Despite a crowd that contained some unexpected deriders, Flint made good on his debut with a victory over The Pyro. While it wasn't anything extremely impressive, it was a bad week for the lower rankers, so we decided to give the newcomer some highlight, hoping to see more of Flint and how he does in VGCW despite the depression surrounding the fate of his family.

Missed the Cut:
16. (N/A) Raphael
17. (N/A Ezio
18. (18) Angry Video Game Nerd
19. (14) Dan Hibiki
20. (N/A) Ryo Hazuki


A sooner-than-expected show means we had to really power those motors to churn out another edition of the power rankings! Coming off a crazy show with a top-to-bottom card full of incredible matches, do we see any major shake-ups?

1. (2) Vegeta
It wasn't pretty, but Vegeta somehow got the job done rather than the jobbing done. Even though he took a pounding at the hands of Groose, Vegeta remains VGCW Champion, and thanks to Red not appearing, the champ elevates to the top of the rankings, too. Taking a beating like that and still retaining with minimal offense truly shows the upgrade in power he's received since joining Dracula's team. Who can possibly stop Vegeta at this point? Will Barkley try to get revenge right off the bat with his Money in the Bank?

2. (1) Red
A week off for Red bumps him from Mt. Silver. He's probably still feeling the effects of the 3-on-1 brawl, but hopefully he can be fighting fit for the next show. We would have liked to see Barret earn that Casual Championship shot, but thanks to Dracula's meddling, we'll have to wait and see the next badge for Red to earn.

3. (8) Charles Barkley
Love him or hate him, Charles Barkley refuses to gracefully bow out of the VGCW title picture. One show removed from his second reign with the belt, Chuck already has an essential rematch in his grips with the Money in the Bank briefcase. While it took some time for Nappa to use his case, Barkley might not be so patient. A chance to get back at his rival who swiped the strap is an opportunity we don't anticipate Barkley skipping out on.

4. (3) Adam Jensen
VGCW nearly had another Zangief moment. Seconds into the Money in the Bank match, Adam Jensen found himself hanging from the briefcase that promised a title opportunity. If not for Mike Haggar, we'd be writing a much different story, but unfortunately for Jensen, the Mayor's focus was the only thing needed to stop the quick victory. We did find it interesting that Jensen was allowed into the Money in the Bank match and Gabe Newell was not. Certainly some unclear motivations from the GM office about these two.

5. (4) Gabe Newell
Looks like we'll have to weight on Gaben here. After making his ideals known to the rest of the company, Gabe strangely was nowhere to be found the week after. Is he just being lazy or is there a higher power at work, keeping him away from the arena? That's an answer we may never find out, but no matter what the answer, a show away is another show that Dracula still reigns. Gaben needs to do whatever is in his power to get rid of his boss once and for all.

6. (5) Dracula
It's all about the little mistakes out of the GM's office. While Vegeta might still be VGCW Champion (despite taking a Groosing), Dan continued to disappoint his boss with another loss, Kefka is doing nothing at all, and a slip of the tongue seems to have revealed his plan to Geno and Solid Snake. At this rate, Drac might need to take matters into his own hands pretty soon.

7. (6) Ganondorf
A week off for the Dark Lord. While he didn't have much going on about himself, he's got to be disappointed in Zangief's defeat in the Extreme Rules match with Wario. Hopefully it doesn't take much fire out of Gerudo Skies. Fortunately for them, they don't have a top contender yet, so their next title defense can wait, enabling them for some extended focus.

8. (10) Geno
We're violating our policy a bit here. While Geno hasn't been making things happen in the ring, we have to recognize what he's doing outside of it. Getting Solid Snake on his team is paying off, and it's resulted in some good information about Dracula flowing to the wooden warrior. If Snake comes through on bringing in more help, Geno might be able to take on the Drac Pack quite quickly.

9. (14) Barret Wallace
Yes, you read that right. Even after losing his match, Barret gains 5 spots, but we think you'll understand if you watched his match against The Practice. Even with the odds against him, Barret took the former Co-Op Champions to the limit all on his own, dominating Eggman and holding his own against Dr. Wily too. Even though he didn't win a shot at the Casual Championship, he definitely won over a lot of hearts, including ours.

10. (16) Dr. Wily
Quite frankly, we were almost inclined to have The Practice slide down. But a win's a win, regardless of how embarrassing a performance it is, still hanging behind the man they defeated. While they couldn't pass the head of AVALANCHE in the rankings, Wily did surpass his partner by carrying the team. so he gets a much bigger gain than Eggman who seemed to be total deadweight in the handicap match.

11. (11) Groose
Groose was odd to figure out this week. It's odd to see a VGCW wrestler dominate a match like Groose did but still lose after taking so little damage. In the end, we kept Groose right in the same slot, recognizing that he was mere moments away from one of the biggest upsets in VGCW history and claiming the belt, but also noticing that it didn't take much damage to bring him down. It'll be interesting to see if Groose still tries to stick around in the title picture or if he lowers his aim, but only Groose knows the answer to that.

12. (12) Mike Haggar
Haggar also stays put, though more because of some much worse performances above him, keeping him from falling down the ladder. Extending the Money in the Bank match by leaping up to pry Adam Jensen from the briefcase was huge, but he couldn't do much to get the briefcase in his own hands. The Mayor needs to become more proficient in non-1v1 matches to get anywhere. He can tear a man apart if he's only got one to beat, but his luck in six-man fights just never seem to pan out.

13. (7) Scorpion
We're really disappointed that Scorpion was omitted again from the show, especially when there was a Money in the Bank match and the yellow ninja wasn't involved. We love his potential, but until he can get a shot and continues to disappear, we have no choice but to knock him down some notches.

14. (9) Dan Hibiki
Never make promises you can't keep. Hopefully that's a lesson well-learned by Dan after telling Dracula he wouldn't let his boss down, then promptly got wrecked by a familiar face in Mr. Satan. Dan's status seemed solid when he put a halt to the Great Tournament, allowing Dracula's takeover to finally occur, but after two losses in a row that betrayed Drac's high hopes, he may be on quite the hot seat. That is...if Dracula hasn't already decided to get rid of him. Surely Dan isn't eager to find out his fate next show.

15. (15) Dr. Eggman
Thanks to Robotnik, The Practice nearly became The Laughingstock, edging out Barret Wallace in a handicap match. We commend Dr. Wily for pulling it out in the end, but Eggman was bodied all night long. We'll give him a bit of credit for the win, but we expect much better when there's a numbers advantage like that.

Missed the Cut:
16. (N/A) Wario
17. (13) Zangief
18. (N/A) Angry Video Game Nerd
19. (N/A) Mr. Satan
20. (N/A) Donkey Kong


We've started off strong on Season 4. With a new regime and new champion, how do the rankings shake out heading into the second show of the season?

1. (1) Red
This was an extremely tough call for the top spot. Vegeta has been incredibly strong in his rapid rise, showing a dominance in his matches that we don't typically see from Red. But what gives Red the nod here is his utter willingness to take on anything and everything and to keep doing it. Four title defenses in a row isn't something you shrug off. The fact that he not only battled 3 other men at once (GOADING them, even) and even held his own for some time is extremely admirable. Sorry to the new VGCW champ, but Red stays put another week.

2. (9) Vegeta
Badman no more, Majin Vegeta has rocketed to the top of company. Instead of fighting Red as scheduled, the Saiyan colluded with Dan Hibiki to switch places so the two would get their rivals, and Vegeta certainly made it count, taking advantage of the weaknesses he's learned about Charles Barkley through the past several months, ending with the VGCW Championship in his possession. One can only wonder what's next for the champ and if there's a higher plan than simply holding the title.

3. (4) Adam Jensen
Good teamwork by Jensen and Gaben despite their differences. The unlikely duo certainly showed they're willing to fight to overthrow Dracula, but now that Drac has gauged their power, don't expect things to be easy. We're sure the GM won't just stand pat and let the GM tournament finalists he cast aside do what they please.

4. (5) Gabe Newell
Gaben moves up with Jensen, though we wish he were a little more outspoken. If we had to compare how motivated the two seem, Adam's drive to take Dracula down seems a bit more augmented. But everyone knows that it'll be fists that do the talking in the very end, and Gabe has no shortage in that department.

5. (3) Dracula
Mixed bag for the GM's first full night on the job. While one of his own is now the VGCW Champion and his group did a number on Red, he couldn't get the Casual Championship under his control, and putting Adam Jensen and Gabe Newell together might come back to haunt him later. We'd also like to see the GM be a bit more hands-on rather than hide behind his desk, but we can understand why we doesn't want to get his hands dirty just yet. There isn't anything to panic about after all.

6. (8) Ganondorf
Big night for Gerudo Skies. Despite not teaming in weeks, the chemistry lives on, as evident in the Co-Op Championship match with the Super Mario Bros. We're very impressed by their teamwork to keep the titles here, and now that Ganon doesn't have any other things to worry about right now, they might be able to keep an even tighter focus on the straps.

7. (7) Scorpion
Make no mistake, Scorpion is trending up, but we couldn't find a way to actually move him up in the rankings. A very solid 3 eliminations in the Rumble displayed Scorp's skills. As we've mentioned, we expect big things from this ninja, but he needs to get himself into a title picture to make our predictions come true.

8. (2) Charles Barkley
Oof. Not the kind of showing we want to see from the VGCW Champion, especially just coming out of a largely-hyped match where he claimed the belt. Surely it's even more depressing to Chuck to get absolutely dominated by his longtime foe, too. With the loss, Barkley doesn't have very much to look forward to. All he can do is work towards earning another shot to try to reclaim the VGCW title once more, but who knows when that chance can emerge?

9. (6) Dan Hibiki
We're not quite sure what exactly was up with Dan in his fight with Red, he really seemed out of it at times. Maybe taking all those chair shots rattled his head, or maybe he simply felt overmatched. But the beatdown on the Casual Champion afterwards may have given him a bit of confidence back. Now that he has associations to the VGCW champ as well, Dan could make his mark in other ways outside of title belts. As long as Dracula reigns, Dan should continue to play a big role in the GM's plans.

10. (13) Geno
Persistence pays off for the Star Warrior. After spending all show trying to find just a single ally to take on Dracula, he came up with Solid Snake. We know Snake's skill with finding out ways to bring others down, he did just that in the Mr. L saga. Hopefully the new alliance can convince more to jump onboard, because they'll need both brain and brawn on this team.

11. (N/A) Groose
If you had told us a month ago that Vegeta would be taking on Groose for the VGCW Championship, we would have been laughing then and probably laughing even still until the last show. Yet here we are, only two singles matches and a Rumble, and Groose is the top contender for the title. Frankly we don't expect much, all Groose has done is beaten Gary Oak, and the only elimination he had in the Rumble was the final one to knock out Barret Wallace. But he seems quite the opportunist, and success in the VGCW results from doing all you can with the smallest of chances. Could a miracle be in the skies for the pompadour?

12. (17) Mike Haggar
A great showing in the Rumble for the Mayor, but unfortunately he had a bad draw and wound up being one of the early entrants. He still managed 3 eliminations, and it took the Casual Champion itself to displace Haggar from the Rumble, so kudos to Mike there. Maybe Haggar can finally get back on track and display that same dominance he showed off when he first started out.

13. (20) Zangief
The rapport with the Dark Lord seems as strong as ever, and Gerudo Skies protects their titles in impressive fashion. The teamwork between Gief and Ganondorf was definitely strong as they worked together to try to isolate the brothers. Even the finish showed just how well these two combine forces, with Ganon landing a big kick while Gief suppressed any shot at interference. We're sure Zangief danced the night away after that one.

14. (N/A) Barret Wallace
Hell of a final two with Barret and Groose coming from nowhere to duel for a shot at the VGCW Championship. While Barret was the one who fell short, he did an incredible job getting there with 3 eliminations to his name. He's had a rough start to his career with his only win coming over Gary Oak, but this might finally be the catalyst he needs to start becoming a force to be reckoned with.

15. (N/A) Dr. Eggman
Dr. Wily, if you're reading this, sorry, but your partner did quite a bit more. With the most eliminations in the Rumble (4), Eggman looks to be making a comeback. While it didn't culminate in another chance at the title, Robotnik's Rumble performance could put the Master Plan back into the fold. With his partner looking strong once more, how will Wily respond?

Missed the Cut:
16. (11) Dr. Wily
17. (14) Guile
18. (N/A) Solid Snake
19. (10) Bowser
20. (12) Duke Nukem


It's been a little over a week since Dracula took over VGCW, and we're still reeling and still fearing, but that's not going to keep us from ranking!

A quick note, we're starting a new policy for wrestlers that don't compete. If a wrestler misses a show, they won't be penalized (though other wrestlers can move past them if we feel they're worthy of it). But if a wrestler misses two consecutive shows, they will begin to shift down the list. Thanks for the comments to put this in place, we feel it's a fair solution to allow more current talent to get some spotlight.

So without further ado, how did the rankings end up at the end of Season 3?

1. (2) Red
Some bells certainly went off in a few heads, there. The Casual Champion ahead of the new VGCW Champion? Before you try to make us look like Jesus Christ and prepare the crucifixion, hear us out. Red is on a five-match winning streak since his failures with Dan Hibiki, and his endurance has been nothing short of spectacular. His comeback against Wario is likely the most impressive one we've seen since Duke Nukem's 3-on-1 victory. We do applaud the new VGCW champ, but Red's been consistent and just seems downright invincible right now. He's earned the respect of many, and the respect of the Power Rankings, as we give him top honors and the first to dethrone a certain CEO from number one.

2. (5) Charles Barkley
Got to hand it to Chuck, he knows how to pick his situations. Barkley wisely paired up with weaker Dr. Wily when the Fatal Fourway for the VGCW Championship split into pairs and left Gabe Newell and Ganondorf to destroy each other instead. The reward he reaped in the form of the new VGCW title belt is proof of how well that decision played out. Without a Money in the Bank winner always watching and no Glitch Bomber in sight, can Sir Charles get a proper long run with the strap this time around?

3. (N/A) Dracula
From a backstage lurker to one of the most powerful men in VGCW, Dracula leaps onto the Power Rankings debuting all the way up to the third slot for good reason. It's not easy to take over an entire company, but Drac pulled off just that, acquiring the services of several men over the course of the season, culminating in a coup that has shaken the company to its core. With a number of underlings in tow, can anyone stop the madness, or will WrestleVania live on for the long-term?

4. (3) Adam Jensen
You have to figure Jensen's not feeling too great about what went down in the Great Tournament finals. He certainly had the advantage over the tired Gabe Newell, but a hostile takeover by Dracula kept him from finishing the job and taking the GM office. Don't expect Adam to do nothing about this, though. If there are two people that Dracula will want to label as the primary threats, it's Jensen and Gaben.

5. (1) Gabe Newell
For the first time in Power Rankings history, Gaben isn't standing at the top. His disappointing showing in the title match is partly to blame, but add in Jensen's control in the tournament finals and Dan interfered to prevent even a chance a comeback, and it's pretty obvious that this is a show Gabe Newell would rather VAC ban. But Gaben won't take this sitting down, we know Dracula just jumped onto his wish list for some squeezing.

6. (13) Dan Hibiki
We're witnessing the Saikyo Legend emerge before our eyes. Despite not even winning his match, Dan shoots up a number of spots in the ranks, thanks to his backing of Dracula's instantly powerful stable and receiving a VGCW Championship opportunity out of the deal. After squandering his first chance at the title against Raphael, there's gotta be some extra motivation for Dan to take the big step for the gold this time around.

7. (8) Scorpion
The ninja hides for the season finale, could be he just wanted to get away from the drama. Expect some big things from Scorp in Season 4, he did a lot to prove his worth in Season 3. A run at the Casual Championship might be a good chance to make a splash.

8. (7) Ganondorf
The Dark Lord did a pretty good job dealing with Gabe Newell. He just forgot that there were two others in the match and that they were in the ring, even. We're willing to give Ganon a little bit of benefit of the doubt, but don't expect us to be so kind if Gerudo Skies drops the Co-Op Championship. We still can't wait to see how the Super Mario Bros. try to tackle these two.

9. (N/A) Vegeta
Another hot riser, Vegeta's strength has been greatly impressive ever since allying with Dracula and gaining incredible power. After taking down Nappa a second time in as many shows, the force of Vegeta is evident. This isn't the jobbing Badman we used to know, this is something that poses a serious threat in VGCW, and a battle with Red for the Casual Championship will truly show the limitations this new Vegeta has...if he has any, that is.

10. (4) Bowser
Two weeks out of the ring for King Koopa, so down the list he goes. We're frankly surprised that Bowser didn't do much to try to stand in Dracula's way when the vampire took over. He's certainly territorial, so you'd think he'd be one of the first obstacles. Perhaps he's regrouping, hoping to bring down the new regime with the new season?

11. (6) Dr. Wily
Looks like the mad doctor's age caught up with him. Wily took quite a beating in the Fatal Fourway, ending up as the one to get pinned to give the belt to Barkley. No doubt Dr. Eggman will be cracking some jokes at his partner's expense. With a new rule in VGCW and contenders already popping up, we're not that confident that Wily will be back on the main stage for some time, but hey, Wily's surprised us before, right?

12. (12) Duke Nukem
Duke took the night off, luckily avoiding getting caught in the invasion of Dracula. We have to wonder if the American spirit in him and Guile will ignite their flames and drive them towards overthrowing Drac for the freedom of VGCW.

13. (19) Geno
He didn't perform, but a good number above him have been MIA, so Geno is a nice beneficiary of that. We also speculate that Geno's going to play a huge part in trying to deal with Dracula's rule. He certainly didn't take too kindly to being duped by Drac's lies. That higher power might be leading Geno on the path of restoring VGCW to its rightful way of being.

14. (20) Guile
Another wrestler gaining some spots from those above him disappearing, Guile could very well be involved in trying to thwart Dracula's plans. If he doesn't take actions, then there are going to be a lot of unhappy American fans.

15. (9) Nappa
Waluigi and Gary Oak had two of the roughest runs in Season 3, and Nappa would have to round out the top 3 there. Following a disappointing tournament run, Nappa's season was ended just as roughly with a beating at the hands of his former friend. We're not ready to give up on Nappa yet, though, as we have to admit that he's faced a lot of talent lately, so a losing streak wasn't out of the question. Still, with Vegeta siding with Dracula, Nappa now finds himself right in the warzone. Is he going to try to undo Dracula's coup to save his buddy?

Missed the Cut:
16. (14) Wario
17. (16) Mike Haggar
18. (10) Mario
19. (11) Angry Video Game Nerd
20. (15) Zangief


At long last, it's time for the big finale! Season 3 is coming to close, let's take one last look at the Power Rankings before we crown a new GM and a new chamnpion!

1. (1) Gabe Newell
No huge surprise here as Gaben is full steam ahead with the unique chance to take the title AND become the new VGCW General Manager. It's certainly an exciting opportunity, but given that he's the only man who can claim both the strap and the office, could he be a little worn out? We like to speculate sometimes, but given Gabe's performance this season, he continues to be untouchable. Even if Gabe only wins one of his matches, it'd be hard to call his performance disappointing.

2. (2) Red
Red took a week away to train in Mt. Silver, but hopefully he got a good glimpse at his main contender, Wario and even those who might be waiting behind the yellow-and-purple-clad plumber. But he can't get ahead of himself. Just because he faced Mario doesn't mean he can necessarily take on anyone from the Mushroom Kingdom, Wario brings a completely different style to the ring, so the champ had best be prepared.

3. (7) Adam Jensen
We have to give a lot of respect to Jensen, most people were expecting Ganondorf to fight Gabe Newell in the finals, but Jensen reminds us of the talent outside of these two. We're not sure if the Great Tournament final will take place before or after the VGCW Championship match, but surely Jensen's asking for it to be later when his fellow finalist should be worn down. We're just one Adam victory away from reserving an office parking spot up front for a certain augmented bike.

4. (5) Bowser
The beneficiary of seeing those above him fall, Bowser is able to gain a spot in the rankings despite his only appearance being a brief conversation with his old "pal" Geno. The fact that he revealed Dracula's lies to the Star Warrior is interested, though. Maybe Bowser just wants to cause a little chaos of his own so Dracula doesn't get too much power out of the deal? We'll have to keep an eye on any potential for King Koopa's involvement.

5. (3) Charles Barkley
Chuck tried his best in the semis, but that steamroll of Gabe Newell's turned out to be too much. He does get a decent consolation at least, with a VGCW Championship match and no Great Tournament finals to distract him from the goal of reclaiming what was taken from him by Donkey Kong and the Glitch Bomb.

6. (8) Dr. Wily
Like Bowser, Wily also had some high-profile losses above him, so it's two more spots for the mad doctor heading into his big title match thanks to Proto Man's actions nearly four months ago now. He will be the most well-rested of those in the Fatal Fourway, and according to our recent poll, he's also got the most fan support of the combatants. Will Dr. W finally prove to his Practice partner Dr. Eggman that he can win the big one?

7. (6) Ganondorf
The Dark Lord's shortcomings kept us from seeing him do battle with Gabe Newell twice in one night and perhaps from having a third match with a potential Co-Op Championship showdown with the Super Mario Bros. Maybe this was good for Ganondorf? Surely he would have liked to sit in that comfy chair, but we all know (and Zangief especially knows) how Ganon gets when he has his eyes set on too many things. We didn't move Ganondorf down much because we know what he's capable of, but if he brings in a dud for the Season 3 finale, he could be tumbling next Power Rankings.

8. (13) Scorpion
How about this ninja? Ever since returning from his absence, Scorpion's certainly been in the thick of things and re-gaining the respect of many. His win over Nappa was incredibly impressive as he didn't take too much damage. He didn't come through with that Casual Championship contender's match some time ago, but maybe that wasn't the motivation he needed? Once we crown a new VGCW Champion, we're going to need a contender, too. You have to think Scorpion will try to insert himself into that equation.

9. (4) Nappa
This just isn't Nappa's season at all. Getting superplexed through a ring, botching his Money in the Bank cash-in, nearly losing to Waluigi was quite a list as it was. Add getting bodied by Scorpion and beaten up by Vegeta for reason unknown, and the Baldman has to be dazed and confused by it all. Maybe it's fortunate that Nappa doesn't have a place in the tournament or title match, he really needs to re-focus as everyone gets tougher around him. It's not going to be easy for the ghost man. Let's see how he responds once his mind is clear.

10. (9) Mario
Nothing from the Great Gonzales this week, though Mushroom Kingdom rival, Wario, now has a chance to do what Mario couldn't with a Casual Championship match coming to him. The Super Mario Bros. are still owed a Co-Op Championship match as well, so don't be surprised to see Mario and Wario try to play off each other's successes so they keep up with each other.

11. (10) Angry Video Game Nerd
Another week away for the Nerd, his recent Board James release might have had his focus lately. Unfortunately we don't have much to say about his VGCW happenings now that he's out of the tournament. Maybe the Season 3 finale will give us an idea on what James is going to set his sights on next.

12. (19) Duke Nukem
Maybe the backstabbing done by Dan Hibiki did some favors, but the oft-requested duo of Duke and Guile finally materialized with a successful debut for Team America. We're noticing that a lot of other teams have at least one of their members involved with some significant singles matches lately, so this is a great time for the two to enter the division and make a splash. We're excited about Team America's chances, and hopefully they get to further prove their worth as Season 3 comes to a close.

13. (16) Dan Hibiki
We know what you want to say, Raw Power lost, yet Dan moved up? Wins and losses aren't everything in VGCW. What we can really appreciate is a wrestler putting themselves in a good position, results be damned. Dan's aggression is doing well for him, but Mr. Satan wants to inhibit that. Dan's response in taking down his partner and not even bothering with the tag team match really displayed his desire to come out into his own. While Raw Power still seems to be hanging together by the thinnest of threads, we don't see that holding. When the bond is finally snapped for good, the true potential of Dan Hibiki might be extremely exciting to see.

14. (N/A) Wario
Anytime someone comes out of a 6-man match to become a contender for a title, we have to give them props, and Wario is no exception. While it was a sudden result by KO, it was still Wario being able to take advantage of the situation effectively, and that's what good wrestlers have to do. As we mentioned earlier, there definitely has to be some motivation for the greedy plumber as now he gets the chance to beat Red for the Casual Championship, something that his local rival Mario couldn't manage. There's probably a small part of his heart (whatever's left of it) that wants him to win it for Waluigi too, but that's not going to be what drives him.

15. (12) Zangief
Wherefore art thou, Gief? Season 3 is coming to a close, yet Zangief's presence in the ring has been nil recently. When the time comes for Gerudo Skies to defend the Co-Op Championship at last, will he be ready? We'd be lying if we said we weren't worried. Ganondorf's had his distractions and the Red Cyclone hasn't had much action. Not a good combination to enter a title match with.

Missed the Cut:
16. (11) Mike Haggar
17. (15) Luigi
18. (17) Dr. Eggman
19. (N/A) Geno
20. (N/A) Guile


Not a lot of movement near the top of the rankings as a number of wrestlers weren't working the show, but we've still got rankings for you!

1. (1) Gabe Newell
Gaben might be watching us, but we're watching him, too...watching him Steamroll through the tournament, that is. While Arino gave a valiant effort to knock off the CEO of Valve, a simple Wallet Squeeze is all Gabe needs to turn a match around. It wasn't dominant, but there's no moral victory in this tournament. Gabe keeps the top spot in the rankings for another show.

2. (3) Red
With Barkley getting the night off, Red had a chance to gain some ground in his Casual Championship defense against JonTron, and the champ certainly didn't disappoint. A solid victory swayed us enough to bump Red up a notch. Who's the next challenger that will have to step up against this formidable champ? At this methodical pace, Red might hold the gold for some time no matter who steps forward.

3. (2) Charles Barkley
A no-show from the anti-spacist, but we're looking forward to his semi-final matchup with Gabe Newell as two former VGCW Champions battle on the penultimate stage of the Great Tournament. These two may very well decide who tops the Power Rankings when they meet!

4. (4) Nappa
No movement from Nappa this week as he was idle save a quick backstage segment. What's the deal with Vegeta, though? Nappa being worried can't be good...

5. (5) Bowser
Bowser also didn't have a match, so he stays in place as well. Though Ganondorf was just under him and won his match, we can't justify putting the Dark Lord ahead when 8-7 is still fresh in our minds. King Koopa stays put until we're convinced Ganon is truly better than his old rival.

6. (7) Ganondorf
It took a lot to put the Nerd away, but the Gerudo king came through to advance to the semis. As explained in Bowser's ranking, it's tough to put him higher than his long-time foe when Bowser just recently won their latest battle. Ganon's next opponent is Adam Jensen however, the one who continued the Gerudo Curse by taking the title from Bowser. Could a win be enough to convince us to place Ganny above Koopa? We'll just have to see...

7. (6) Adam Jensen
Another top star on the power rankings with the week off. Hope those ratings didn't take a huge hit. Ganondorf is on the horizon in Jensen's tournament run. Will he ask for a spot in the finals?

8. (10) Dr. Wily
Nice teamwork on the part of The Practice. Despite all their bickering, the doctors certainly know how to get the job done. While Wily doesn't have any more tournament matches ahead of him, his three opponents in the Fatal Fourway for the VGCW Championship are all still in the tourney. We're sure Dr. W's hoping the rest of the bracket battles wear his foes down to clear a path to the strap.

9. (9) Mario
Guessing Mario took another trip to Delfino this week. We won't hold it too much against him, but hopefully he and Luigi are prepared to take on Gerudo Skies for the Co-Op Championship when the time arises.

10. (8) Angry Video Game Nerd
We'd commend AVGN on hanging in as long as he did, but he'd probably take a dump on our compliments and tell us to shove it up our dicks. His partner didn't do so hot either and suffered in the rankings as well. Not a memorable week for GameCenter FU as they had hoped.

11. (11) Mike Haggar
Haggar doesn't seem to be the type who would want to take a week off to recover from injury. Could be a worker's comp issue. No matter what the case, the Mayor didn't make an appearance after his loss to Adam Jensen, so he's not moving anywhere this time.

12. (12) Zangief
Another show passes without Gief in a match, could he be getting cold? Would getting cold even be a bad thing in Zangief's case given his Russian roots? We're hoping to see him in action soon, but his partner Ganondorf's involvement with the VGCW Championship and Great Tournament is probably keeping the Red Cyclone on the sidelines for now.

13. (N/A) Scorpion
A lot of movement at the bottom of the rankings this time, and Yellow Sub-Zero benefits the most from it, moving right in with a nice victory to cool off the hot-streaking Ezio. With Scorp getting more ring time and putting on solid performances, could we be seeing spring rise along with the ninja? We wouldn't complain, this stubborn winter makes us want to get toasty.

14. (14) Solid Snake
Unless he was hiding in one of the boxes in a backstage segment, Snake wasn't around for the show. We're still wondering about the Sonic's gem he identified, is he helping out Phoenix Wright with keeping that safe?

15. (15) Luigi
Luigi didn't play a role in the show either, perhaps doing some marketing for his Luigi's Mansion 3DS sequel, or maybe just kicking back and laughing with his brother about the failures of Wario Ware Inc. We're still anxiously waiting to see if the [[Super Mario Bros.|Gonzales Bros.] can score some gold when Gerudo Skies roll in.

Missed the Cut:
16. (N/A) Dan Hibiki
17. (N/A) Dr. Eggman
18. (N/A) Tingle
19. (N/A) Duke Nukem
20. (20) The Pyro


It's time for another edition of the VGCW Power Rankings! After an eventful show, how do the stars of VGCW fare? Previous ranking is in parentheses.

1. (1) Gabe Newell
While he was out of action last show, Gabe did find a way to get his title shot. Instead of a normal singles match, however, he now has to deal with three others who will all enter the championship match with a challenger's mentality rather than having the pressure of coming in as champion. But this just goes to show how hungry Gaben is for the belt, so we can't fault him nor drop him in the rankings.

2. (6) Charles Barkley
Talk about cleaning up for the night, Barkley pulled out quite a few stops in put himself in an excellent position. He buried the hatchet with Nappa, turning an obstacle into a potentially powerful ally. He continued his quest for becoming GM after taking down Dr. Wily. To top it off, he's now part of the match for the vacant VGCW title. If he continues his success, we might see him atop these rankings soon.

3. (2) Red
No appearances from Red last show, but with some uninspiring performances by most below them, the Casual Champion only drops one spot. We'll see if having the show off gives the champ some focus against his next challenger, JonTron.

4. (7) Nappa
Here's where the rankings get tough. While Nappa isn't involved in the big title match, he did forge a bond with Charles Barkley. While his performance against Waluigi was closer than we expected, he still didn't give up and managed to escape the cage. Given the circumstances of those around him, we're going to move up Nappa a few spots for this one.

5. (19) Bowser
Huge jump for King Koopa. Despite the cheating claims, Bowser came out and showed that he can still hang with the best of them, glitched finisher or not. Sure, it wasn't anything like the infamous 32-5 result, but beating one of the most prolific wrestlers who will also be in a title match is very praiseworthy. He might be next in line once the next champ is crowned.

6. (16) Adam Jensen
Another big mover here. A few of you said that Jensen deserved better, and after a victory against the rarely-defeated Mike Haggar, we're going to give him that respect. If he wins the Great Tournament, could we be seeing him go for the title?

7. (3) Ganondorf
His pride left unclaimed, Ganondorf's certainly been ruminating about his latest defeat against Bowser. He still has a chance at the VGCW title and he's still in the running for the General Manager position, but can the Dark Lord pull it together?

8. (4) Angry Video Game Nerd
He had the week off, and a lot of action happened around him. Despite the inactivity, he's still in the GM tournament with his match with Ganondorf looking to be next show. A win here should more solidly cement a higher ranking.

9. (10) Mario
The brothers are at it again, and Mario gets a little benefit out of the deal in the rankings. Gonzales and Luigi had a rough start against Dream Teamcast, but an impressive comeback gave them a match and a chance at Gerudo Skies. With Ganondorf getting involved in a lot of storylines, can the brothers claim the Co-Op Championship in the midst of these distractions?

10. (12) Dr. Wily
It takes a lot of convincing to move up a wrestler who lost his only match of the night, but Wily did just that. He was ousted from the tournament by Barkley, but now Wily is suddenly in the thick of the VGCW championship picture after bringing up his history with Proto Man. He'll surely be the underdog in this one, but by putting himself in prime position, we have to give Dr. W some credit and move him up a little.

11. (4) Mike Haggar
Tough, tough loss for the Mayor, as the top votegetter for the GM tournament receives an early exit at the hands of Adam Jensen. Where Haggar goes from here is anyone's guess, but hopefully he can turn the beat back and recover from this.

12. (13) Zangief
With the pieces around him falling, Gief benefits a little bit with a one spot bump despite the inactivity. Gerudo Skies will be defending soon against the Super Mario Bros., and the Russian Cyclone needs to keep Ganondorf focused as his partner deals with the Great Tournament, the VGCW title match, and his emotional loss to Bowser.

13. (N/A) JonTron
He had some good competition in his six-man battle royal, but the hatted half of the Game Grumps pulled out some big stops to earn a Casual title shot. As the rumor mills swarm, JonTron possibly saved his job with the win...for now. A loss to Red in the match for the strap puts the Grumps right back in danger.

14. (8) Solid Snake
All the recent success for Snake made us think he was a little invisible last show with a less-than-inspiring performance in the Casual Contender's match. With confirmation that his brother is no longer with VGCW, maybe Snake can breathe a little more easily and get back on track.

15. (9) Donkey Kong
Oof. All the momentum DK gained came to a screeching halt after the details of his suspension and title stripping were announced. His use of the glitched finisher was a big part of his success, and now all of that seems for naught. On top of all that, DK hasn't even made a statement against these allegations. With Bowser able to thrive in spite of a similar situation, we believe DK can do the same, but he needs to take the initiative, otherwise he's dropping from the Top 15.

Missed the Cut:
16. (N/A) Luigi
17. (11) Ezio
18. (14) Chief Arino
19. (N/A) Geno
20. (N/A) The Pyro


It's the first installment of the VGCW Power Rankings! We're taking a look at who's faring well so far this season and what we think some wrestlers can do to help themselves out.

Wrestlers are ranked based on recent events, mainly within Season 3, with emphasis on performance in matches on a large scale (Championship matches, Rumbles, etc.)

1. Gabe Newell
Gaben's soldier helmet might need to be traded in for a crown soon the way he's been performing. After finally turning his Rumble dominance into a victory, Gabe also found some long-awaited revenge on his old foe Nappa, delivering the ring-wrecking treatment that ghost has deserved. With a title shot just ahead of him, Gaben's undoubtedly got the most momentum, giving him the top spot in the rankings.

2. Red
Ashley no more, the Casual Champion went from nearly being future-endeavored to becoming a fan favorite with his heart-filled matches ever since. After quickly disposing of Guile to take his belt, he also came through with a convincing victory over Mario. Will Champion Red look to be the master of VGCW? His time might be closer than we think!

3. Ganondorf
His reign of darkness might be over, but make no mistake, the Dark Lord never fades easily. Although his Co-Op Championship defense ended with a loss in strange circumstances, Ganon's destruction of Waluigi displayed the anger VGCW fans have known him for.

4. Angry Video Game Nerd
The Nerd's certainly been showing raw emotion as of late. After his pep talk for Arino led to a Kacho victory in the Great Tournament, AVGN himself was able to defeat Dr. Eggman, which is no small feat either. With Ganondorf ahead, the Nerd could make a huge statement with another win.

5. Mike Haggar
The Mayor of Earth hasn't been a stranger to victory ever since he stepped foot in the ring. While he hasn't been able to thrust himself into the title picture just yet, Haggar is still quite feared by the locker room. Jensen's just ahead, will the Mayor continue along the path to the GM office?

6. Charles Barkley
Although his title run was cut short and he found himself on the wrong side of a brawl with Nappa last show, Barkley's name has been frequently mentioned involving the now vacant VGCW Championship. Not many blame him for his loss against Donkey Kong after two previous matches. Don't expect Chuck to let a chance to redeem himself slip through.

7. Nappa
It's been quite a rollercoaster ride for Nappa lately. After finding some mild success with Vegeta for once, Nappa's attempt to cash in on a weakened Charles Barkley resulted in disappointment. While he was able to get Barkley back a bit backstage, he was utterly destroyed (along with the ring) at the hands of Gaben. If the pattern continues, look for Nappa to bounce back once more.

8. Solid Snake
True to his nature, Snake has quietly picked up a couple wins this season, getting victories over Segata Sanshiro and Barret Wallace. His apparent skills as a gemologist might be doing favors to Phoenix Wright and Sonic as well. While not a part of the title picture, Snake may find himself involved if he keeps it up.

9. Donkey Kong
DK's a tough coconut to crack in the rankings due to the unknown nature for his suspension and stripping of the VGCW title. For all we know, he might be reinstated and in another championship match for the vacant belt. On the other hand, he could just as easily be gone for the long term. With uncertainty, we put Donkey Kong at #9, with the announcement of his fate possibly sending this ape climbing or tumbling.

10. Mario
The Great Gonzales got off to a slow start in the Tag Tournament with the Super Mario Bros. falling to the Game Grumps, but since then he's had an enjoyable run with a victory over Scorpion, a revenge win against the Grumps, and a second-place showing in the Royal Rumble. While he couldn't capture the Casual Championship to boost himself further, he's strung along a very respectable run ever since saving his brother.

11. Ezio
Holding one's own against the Co-Op Champions in what was essentially a handicap match deserves quite a heap of praise. The Elite Two have two wins in a row, and while they don't have title belts to show for it, Ezio's performance against Gerudo Skies should have the former McMahon henchmen in position for another title opportunity soon.

12. Dr. Wily
Maybe Alberto is Zee One on The Practice after all? While his partner Eggman was a one-and-done in the Great Tournament, Wily did an excellent job of escaping defeat in his own style, putting himself in an intriguing matchup with Charles Barkley. His 3 eliminations in the Royal Rumble also earned some props.

13. Zangief
Being one half of the Co-Op Champions should be worth a spot on the top 15, but the lack of singles success as of late combined with his role in the DQ loss to the Elite Two keeps the Russian Cyclone on the lower end. If Gerudo Skies can keep the straps longer, Zangief should almost certainly see a decent rise back up, however.

14. Chief Arino
Same ol' Kacho. While Arino had an impressive finish in his first round match for the GM tournament against Tingle, he's still choking when the stakes get higher. A third place finish in the Rumble despite another opportunity at #40 had his fans once again disappointed, and we can't forget GameCenter FU failing in the finals of the Tag Tournament, too. While he can win matches, he's been stalling on taking that huge step forward, and we're reluctant to have him higher until he proves himself.

15. Woody
Sure, Woody hasn't seen ring action, but the fact that he's causing rumblings backstage and striking fear into some is quite notable. With Dracula seemingly working with him, the toy could be in for some big things soon. Consider this top 15 spot an investment in the Sheriff.

Missed the Cut:
16. Adam Jensen
17. Dr. Eggman
18. Mr. Satan
19. Bowser
20. M.Bison

Anything you agree or disagree with? Think your favorite deserves to be higher? Let us know in the Talk section!

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