VGCW Personality


Real Name PLAYSTATION®3 Computer Entertainment System
Nickname(s) PSTriple,
Company/Group? Sony Computer Entertainment
Debut Pre-Archive

Status Dead (Replacement Inbound)
Impression Face
Biggest Ally 2Kuality
Other Allies Chad Warden
Past Allies THQuality
Biggest Enemy Baz McMahon
Other Enemies Bryn McMahon,
Microsoft Xbox 360,
Nintendo Wii
Past Enemies Tingle,
Barret Wallace,
Morrigan Aensland,
M. Bison

599 US Dollars

In Real LifeEdit

The Playstation 3, or PS3 for short, is a 7th gen console made by Sony. It is infamous for its poor launch: the combined result of its high initial price tag, lack of launch titles, and Microsoft's aggressive attempts to bring Sony down. By the end of the generation the Playstation 3 had managed to turn its misfortune around, and would spend its twilight years alongside its successor, the Playstation 4, which has managed to sell exceptionally well at launch, though still suffered from a lackluster launch lineup.


A PS3 is what Bazza uses to play WWE 13. Its performance has not been stellar, and coupled with the many instances of THQuality, the broadcasts have had its fair share of technical difficulties. On 2013-02-01 it froze during M. Bison's entrance, and on 2013-02-10, it failed after each of the tag team entrances, leading to lots of weight wait (it was worth it). Some viewers also reported slowdown during certain moves. This, my friends, is known as PSQuality.

Apparently the controller is not tea-resistant, as shown in the 2013-02-22 stream. A line of plot dialogue stayed on screen for a good 2 minutes before being skipped by pressing X to win. Baz put the blame on his gf.

After months of subpar, but acceptable performance, PSQuality struck with a vengeance on the 2013-04-26 stream during a fatal four-way match between Tingle, Scorpion, Duke Nukem, and Barret Wallace when the game abruptly froze after Barret had eliminated Scorpion and Tingle in rapid succession, forcing Bazza to throw Barret and Duke into a one-on-one match with reduced health for both competitors to save time. While many feared that the PS3 was attempting to screw Barret out of another chance at a Casual Championship match (much as Dracula did three days earlier), Barret overcame the technical difficulties and went on to win the match.

A similar catastrophe happened on the 2013-07-11 stream, where a Fatal Fourway between Tingle, M. Bison, Segata Sanshiro, and Phoenix Wright was stopped by PSQuality. Immediately after Tingle was pinned, the PS3 froze, leading to an immediate restart, some drunk lakitu, and a new match to begin with the two survivors, Segata and Phoenix, both with lowered health.

Apparently Morrigan dislikes the PS3, because according to her, the lag of the console screws her every time.

On June 20th, 2014, Bazza's Playstation 3 passed away. Though another one is on its way, one can not forget the THQuality and 2Kuality it has brought us over the years. Good night, sweet prince.


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