There are a few times when stuff happens off the air. Things like game streams and unofficial matches. Anything like that should be listed here and nowhere else on the wiki.

Playing GamesEdit

Bazza (& Cammy) Suck(s) AtEdit

Bazza often plays games on the feed. He's is often bad at them. Sometimes he & his girlfriend "Cammy" play games together. She is bad at them too.

BRYN Plays GamesEdit

Though he usually does so on his personal Twitch, BRYN plays games and never names his stream the same thing twice.

TOH (No) KnowsEdit

TOH is bad at Mirror's Edge, but good at Mean Bean Machine. TOH is also good at Bad Rats.

With the nWtohEdit

If Bazza isn't alone playing games, he allows the nWtoh to harass him.

Mario PartyEdit

When you want to end a friendship, you play Mario Party! If you want to strain a business relationship, you stream it.

Dark MatchesEdit

When you have a bunch of ridiculous characters at your disposal in a wrestling game, you have an urge to use them. Luckily the term "dark matches" exists.

One of the first set of these dark matches had Baz and BRYN playing WWE '13 against each other. It took place on May 14th, 2013.

Another broadcast on June 12th, 2013 featured several match types including a Royal Rumble and Championship Scramble, with Baz taking control of at least one wrestler during each fight. The video can be watched here.