Michael Cole
WWE Superstar Personality


Real Name Michael Sean Coulthard
Nickname(s) Maggle
Company/Group? WWE
Debut Pre-Archive

Status Active
Impression Stupid
Biggest Ally Jerry Lawler
Biggest Enemy Jerry Lawler


Michael Cole is a really bad commentator, who along with his broadcast partner Jerry "The King" Lawler, produces many awkward moments during the show.

In Real LifeEdit

Cole is a distinguished commentator, and has claimed many achievements in his career, like winning the highly acclaimed "Worst Television Announcer" an astonishing 5 times, and being undefeated at Wrestlemania.


Cole commentates matches along with Jerry Lawler, and has produced many ridiculous moments through his horrible commentary, which includes quips such as calling Table-San disgusting, constantly reminding the audience that everything is legal, and trying to find out exactly who a methodical pace benefits, to no avail. Cole often miscalls matches, like when he stated that AVGN and Locke Cole (no relation) were evenly matched despite it being an obvious squash match. While Lawler is normally considered the "creepy" commentator, Cole did make one comment about burning flesh during an Inferno match that made the audience extremely disturbed.

"All those flames are just calling and begging to be fed human flesh."

Some of his commentary has been recycled from previous WWE video games, going at least as far back as SmackDown vs. RAW 2006.

The crowd also has a hard time understanding what he says, hence the infamous "Deer Lord", "Mr. Target", and "Skull King".