Lakitu / Lakita
VGCW Personality



Design from: Super Mario 64

Nickname(s) Drunk
Company/Group? Nintendo
Debut Pre-Archive

Status Drunk
Impression Drunk
Biggest Enemy Signs
Other Enemies Focus

"Lakitu is drunk again" -Bazza

In Real LifeEdit

Lakitus are particularly enterprising koopas who float around on clouds and carry out a variety of services, such as conducting go-kart races, umpiring baseball games, or filming for television. Most of the time though, they just throw Spiny eggs angrily because people are always making fun of their dorky glasses.


Bazza McMahon is a cheap bastard who wouldn't dish out the dough for a proper camera crew, or even the famous Lakitu Bros. who filmed Super Mario 64. Instead, he found some drunk hobo Lakitu peeing at the back of the arena, and pays him in cheap beer to do all of the camera work in VGCW. As a result, the camera work is incredibly shoddy. He often positions the camera behind the ring, or a sign in the audience, blocking the view of the action, and sometimes he can't make up his mind how much he should zoom in so he just goes back and forth. Sometimes, he somehow gets the video to rapidly move back and forth between two angles and give half the audience a seizure. He enjoys taking panty shots during Divas matches as well as butt shots of Groose.


With the premiere of WVGCW on 2013-04-06, some hoped that a different show might come along with a more competent cameraman. Those hopes were dashed, as Lakita, a woman of unknown relation to Lakitu, was soon revealed to be handling the camera. She switched between angles like a madwoman, couldn't keep track of wrestlers, and seemed strangely obsessed with getting panty shots. It seems clear that Lakita shares her male counterpart's drinking problem.

Some have alleged that Lakita is simply Lakitu wearing a bow on his head and trying to collect two paychecks, but as the entire crew of WVGCW is incredibly wary of sexual harassment lawsuits, nobody has asked her.