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King Vegeta's Royal Court
VGCW Stable

Nickname(s) The Royal Flush
Leader(s) Vegeta
Chief Arino
Anime Character
Real People

Status Active
Impression Neutral
Other Allies Phoenix Wright
Biggest Enemy Gary Oak
Other Enemies Senator Armstrong,
Miles Edgeworth

King Vegeta's Royal Court is a stable formed by Vegeta after he was crowned King of the Beach. In addition to Vegeta's longtime accomplice, Nappa, Vegeta also conscripted Ebisumaru and later Chief Arino and Raiden.

Vegeta has styled his court as a "Royal Flush" with himself as King, Nappa The Ace, Arino The Queen, Ebisumaru The Joker and Raiden as The Jack.

In VGCW Edit

Season 11: Long Live the Bad King Edit

Season 12: A Clash of Kings Edit

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