Justin Roberts
WWE Superstar Personality


Real Name Justin Jason Roberts
Company/Group? WWE
Debut Pre-Archive

Status AND
Impression AND

"Here are your winners... The Butcher! ...The Bandit! ...AND..."

Justin Roberts is a ring announcer for VGCW and formally WWE.

In Real LifeEdit

Justin Roberts was a ring announcer working for WWE, usually working on Monday Night Raw. One of his most famous moments was getting choked with his own necktie by Daniel Bryan, resulting in the young wrestler getting fired.


Justin is VGCW's sole announcer and has gained some notoriety over the past few months. While you would assume that the job of a ring announcer would be somewhat easy, Roberts always finds ways to mess up. Whether it's inserting "And" to the end of his sentences for no reason, getting wrestlers names completely wrong (Calling Terra "Terror Baltimore"), or calling a successful defending champ the "NEW hardcore internet all-star champion", Justin botches the one job he has every night without fail. He has shown some signs of a potential mental illness, giving tag teams imaginary names ("The Agents") and saying that some wrestlers are part of said teams even when they aren't, which has resulted in over half the roster apparently being in the "Brothers of Destruction". He also appears to have a speech impediment, frequently taking pauses between words, especially proper nouns. These mishaps have led to Justin being alienated by Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler, who don't let him sit at ringside anymore. They would rather have wrestlers fight and slam each other through Table-San than spend any time sitting near Justin Roberts. 

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