John Dudebro
EDBW Wrestler

Annoying Dog

Annoying Dog
Design from: Undertale

Company/Group? Real People
Debut 2017-09-08
Ring Intro Music
Undertale - Dogsong
Full Nelson

Status Retired
Impression Super Heel
Biggest Ally You, The Viewer
Biggest Enemy You, The Viewer

EDBW Hardcore Champion

2015-01-24 - 2015-01-27

"...nah, this is too ridiculous even for me."

John Dudebro was the mysterious figure seemingly in control of the entire universe EDBW took place in. He briefly held the EDBW Hardcore Championship once.

In Real LifeEdit

John Dudebro is the guy who ran EDBW. He is not a dog, and sometimes considers that it's kind of weird how thoroughly dogs have become a part of his online persona, but it's too late to go back now. He is currently retired from the business of eSports Entertainment, and definitely not living in a dark void underneath Area 51.

He is known for his love of Persona 4, Saints Row, and rigging matches, and for his deep and unshakeable hatred of your favorites. It is still unknown how much of his love of Bubsy is ironic and how much is sincere. Some say even he doesn't know for sure.


In the final scene of EDBW, we saw our first glimpse of John Dudebro. A small, constantly animating white dog locked in a mysterious room deep beneath Area 51 with only a TV, PS3, and a copy of 2K14, he was seemingly creating the very scene we had just seen moments earlier.

After a brief moment, he declared this entire concept to be "too ridiculous" and quickly cut away to the next set of credits.

His status in the aftermath of EDBW's closure is unknown.