Jesus Christ
VGCW Wrestler



Jesus Christ Real

Real Name Jesus of Nazareth
Nickname(s) Jesus of Nazareth,
King of Kings,
The Messiah
Ring Announcer Name? Christian God
Commentary Name? Savior
Billed From? The Garden of Eden
Company/Group? Special Guest
Debut 2012-12-23
Ring Intro Music
Carman - "Awesome God"

Status Special Guest
Impression Face
Biggest Ally Santa Claus
Biggest Enemy Gabe Newell
Past Enemies Baz McMahon

"Blessed are the jobbers, for they shall inherit the ring."

Jesus, also called Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ, is the central figure of Christian belief and the only guest wrestler in VGCW to appear more than once, making special appearances on both Christmas broadcasts.

In Real LifeEdit

Jesus of Nazareth was bo-

Okay, seriously, you know who Jesus is. This isn't a Chick tract.


The VGCW Christmas SpecialEdit

During the VGCW Christmas Special, Jesus came out to avenge his good friend Santa Claus from the vicious assault of Baz McMahon's War on Christmas. The Living God quickly did unto Baz as others had done unto him, and finished off the evil boss with a Crucifix Powerbomb. Having saved Christmas from an evil wrestling businessman, Jesus then ascended into Heaven to get back to his day job of helping sports teams win games.

The Second Coming of ChristEdit

The following Christmas, Jesus caught wind of another so-called "Saviour", and descended upon VGCW once again to teach him that there is only one true saviour, but not before he forgave Kefka of his sins, even though they both knew he was going to hell nonetheless. When both Saviours fought in the ring, the Son of God caught a good offensive at the start, even surviving a usually fatal Wallet Squeeze. Unfortunately, even the Son of God could not get a 3 out of Gabe Newell. Fatigued from the Wallet Squeeze, Gabe pinned him for the 3-Count leading many to question if his return was simply to job for their sins. Suddenly, while Gabe was celebrating his Christmas Miracle, none other than Baz McMahon, out of Jail for Christmas, reemerged to beat the daylights out of Gabe, but not before politely asking "Mr. Christ" to leave his ring. It's assumed he went back to Heaven to contemplate his loss.