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Ema Skye
WVGCW Wrestler

WWE 2K14 CAW created by: John Dudebro

Ema real
Design from: Ace Attorney Franchise

Ring Announcer Name? Emily Scott
Commentary Name? Eliminator
Billed From? Los Angeles, California
Company/Group? Capcom
Debut 2014-03-14
Ring Intro Music
Scientist Detective
Snack Shock
(Shell Shocked)

Status Active
Impression Face
Current Co-Op Team Wright Anything Agency
Biggest Ally Maya Fey
Other Allies Phoenix Wright
Dick Gumshoe


Ema Skye is a character from the Ace Attorney series. She is a member of Wright Anything Agency along with Maya Fey also of Ace Attorney.

In Ace AttorneyEdit

Ema Skye's first appearance is in the DS version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in a new case exclusive to the port. She acts as the assistant to Phoenix Wright for the case, taking of Maya Fey who usually fills the role. Ema holds a deep love of science and forensic investigation, providing new methods for Phoenix to discover clues during his search. She later appears in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney which takes place 9 years after the first game. Ema is now a detective, though is unhappy as she was not hired as a forensic scientist. She has also become a big snacker, with the sound of her munching on Snackoos becoming a trademark.


Ema debuted along with Maya as Wright Anything Agency during Breakdown 2/3. They started off with a losing effort against Devil's Advocate. After Franziska von Karma was struck by a car, she and Maya as well as Dick Gumshoe started to investigate. They were able to recover from their opening loss with a victory over Mad Gear.


Date Opponent(s) Type Result Record 1v1 Notes
2015-11-12 Poison 2/3 Falls Loss 4-10-0 0-3-0
2015-07-28 Shadow Lady In Ring Brawl (w/ Lynne) Win 4-9-0 0-2-0
2015-06-19 Jessie, Impa, Chie Satonaka Fatal Four-Way KO Elimination Loss 4-8-0 0-2-0 Eliminated second by Chie
2015-04-03 18 Volts Tag Team (w/ Maya) Loss 4-7-0 0-2-0
2015-03-12 Lynne Singles Loss 4-6-0 0-2-0 (0%) With Maya Fey; Maya talked to a ghost during the match
2014-12-05 Steak Machina Tag Team (w/ Maya) Loss 4-5-0 0-1-0 (0%)
2014-10-30 Shantae (w/ Terra) Singles Loss 4-4-0 0-1-0 (0%) With Maya Fey
2014-09-30 Double Dash!! Tag Team (w/ Maya) Win 4-3-0 N/A
2014-09-30 RPGenie Tag Team (w/ Maya) Loss 3-3-0 N/A Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals
2014-09-30 The Summoners Tag Team (w/ Maya) Win 3-2-0 N/A Tag Team Tournament First Round
2014-08-07 Camstrings Tag Team (w/ Maya) Win 2-2-0 N/A Tag Team Tournament Qualifier
2014-05-30 Camstrings Tag Team (w/ Maya) Loss 1-2-0 N/A
2014-05-09 Mad Gear Tornado Tag Team (w/ Maya) Win 1-1-0 N/A
2014-03-14 Devil's Advocate Tag Team (w/ Maya) Loss 0-1-0 N/A Debut

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