VGCW Personality


Nickname(s) Dylan-kun,
Company/Group? VGCW
Debut 2013-02-18

Status Rabbit
Impression Face Heel
Biggest Ally Baz McMahon
Other Allies Cammy

"Who are the five best [rabbits] of all time? Think about it. Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan. Because I spit hot fire."

In Real LifeEdit

Dylan is a rabbit who belongs to Bazza's girlfriend's sister. He took care of him while she was on holiday.


Dylan is a rabbit that is suspected of being in league with Baz McMahon, and the main cause for the lack of a pre-show on the 2013-02-18 stream. Rumors have speculated that Dylan has intentionally hindered the exposure of the female wrestlers because he believes he is more worthy of Baz's time. Could it be possible that Dylan has infiltrated VGCW from within? What sort of backstage powers does he possess? Some are so suspicious that they suspect Dylan is, in fact, The Caller. A hefty accusation indeed. Bazza has stated there'll be no more pictures of Dylan as of 2013-03-12 during VGCW shows.

BQ7qZ8KCIAATCmA.jpg large

Dylan's dramatic heel turn. 1000 years of dark fur


Wrath of the RabbitEdit

On 2013-08-05, Bazza announced Dylan's dramatic Heel turn on his Twitter page. Despite his crucial role in seeing Baz McMahon arrested, it seems that Dylan's heelish ways rose to the surface once again. Could he be plotting a takeover of Gaben's managership? Could he be scheming to destoy the VGCW itself? Whatever his plans, it is CERTAIN to be an integral plot point to the hunt for the Dragon Balls. The world waits expectantly to see what nefarious plots this loathsome lagomorph has in store.

After disappearing for over two years, Dylan made a shocking returnas he attempted to get into Bazza's good graces and take over VGCW. It didn't work since Bazza had retired from VGCW months ago.

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