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Daniel Bryan
WWE Superstar


Design from: WWE

Real Name Bryan Danielson
Nickname(s) Mr Small Package,
The Dazzler
The King of Beards,
American Dragon
Ring Announcer Name? Daniel Bryan
Commentary Name? Daniel Bryan
Billed From? Aberdeen, Washington
Company/Group? WWE
Debut 2012-12-14
Ring Intro Music
Flight of the Valkyries
Yes Lock,
Busaiku Knee/Knee Plus/The Knee That Beat John Cena/The Knee That Beat Triple H/The Knee That Didn't Beat Randy Orton

Past Co-Op Team(s) Team Hell No
Biggest Ally Kane
Biggest Enemy Kane
Other Enemies Game Grumps


In Real Life/WWEEdit

Daniel Bryan was a professional wrestler whose career spanned over a decade, wrestling in various independent and overseas promotions before coming to WWE in 2009. His unmatched technical skills, impressive beard, and natural charisma has made him one of the most popular pro wrestlers in the world today.

During his tenure in WWE he has been United States, World Heavyweight and WWE Champion. Together with Kane, in the dysfunctional Team Hell No, he was also one of the Tag Team Champions for 245 days before losing the titles to Rollins & Reigns of The Shield. After the break-up of his team, Bryan went on to high-profile singles feuds against John Cena, Triple H and Randy Orton, culminating in him winning the WWE World Championship in the main event of WrestleMania 30.


Daniel Bryan and Kane appeared in the third VGCW vs WWE match, facing the Game Grumps. The duo fought hard and were the clear favorites to win, but due their constant miscommunications JonCenaTron was able to apply his Grump Hug to Kane, resulting in a loss. In addition, this was VGCW's first win in the set of matches, setting the score to 2-1.


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