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Commander Shepard
EDBW Wrestler

Renegade Shepard
WWE 2K14 CAW created by: 2fast

Design from: Mass Effect 3

Ring Announcer Name? The Commander
Commentary Name? The Soldier
Billed From? The Future
Company/Group? Other (Game Character)
Debut 2015-07-07
Ring Intro Music
Uncharted Worlds (Remix) - Mass Effect
Renegade Interrupt
(Right Hook)

Renegade Stunner
(Stone Cold Stunner)

Paragon Renegade Bottom
(Rock Bottom)

Status Active
Impression Heel
Biggest Ally Morrigan
Other Allies Urdnot Wrex
Past Enemies Aqua

EDBW Hardcore Champion

2015-07-07 - 2015-08-07
2015-08-07 - 2015-11-06
2015-11-06 - 2015-11-24


Commander Shepard is the main character of the Mass Effect series and a wrestler in EDBW. She originally debuted in SNST, and finally got brought into the EDBW roster at the SNST One Night Stand event when she took the Hardcore Belt. She would lose and immediately regain the belt twice during this period.

In the Mass Effect SeriesEdit



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