Past/Present Wrestler inclusionEdit

The inclusion of Grunty in this category raises an interesting question: should past and/or present wrestlers be included in this list? I'm not talking about all wrestlers, only the ones that have had a significant backstage presence outside of conversational plot scenes. Interviewers, managers, announcers, anybody who is not just strictly Talent: namely, Phoenix Wright, Baz, Bryn, and possibly Dracula once season 4 begins.

I think they all should be permanently included, given their non-Talent roles in their history. Grunty's previously been an announcer of sorts, which is likely how she was added to this category before becoming an actual wrestler. Phoenix Wright seems to have given up the in-ring action and has taken up the mic, putting him in the same role as the Ringside Reporter (who was added recently). Drac, Bryn, and Baz are/were in control of the leagues, so they hold a serious role that should be acknowledged here. It could be argued that nobody should be in here as long as they're a current active wrestler, which would imply Grunty being removed while only Phoenix, Bryn, and Baz are added. but that brings extra maintenance for this page and doesn't cover any stories prior to current season.

Any complaints before those four are added to the category? Davyinatoga (talk) 18:00, April 16, 2013 (UTC)