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After many requests from members of the audience, Bazza decided to add a female division. On 2012-12-15 the VGCW's Diva league was added and officially announced by Bazza on Youtube.

The Gurl Gamer Championship is VGCW's Equivalent of WWE's Diva Championship. While being the top title for the female wrestlers, it is generally seen as a filler compared to the Men's division. For the second season of VGCW, the Diva division was only played on pre-show matches in which there is a contenders match and Gurl Gamer Championship match on the same night.

However, the Diva division became its own full show when Bryn McMahon took over the duties of producing the shows from Bazza.


The BossEdit

The first Gurl Gamer Champion that was given the belt on default.

The Boss went on to retain her title against Princess Peach on the 2012-12-15 show. On the first day of 2013, she retained her title against Cammy in a controversial match in which Cammy won by Count out, however The Boss retained her title through Champions Advantage. This caused many fans to believe that The Boss was a Paper Champion and added some emotion to the VGCW Diva's Division.

Princess Zelda/SheikEdit

Sheik won a 6-woman #1 contenders match on 2013-01-06 after pinning Jessie. She later defeated The Boss for the title as Princess Zelda.

Carmen SandiegoEdit

On 2013-01-13, Carmen Sandiego won a Six-Woman Battle Royal after pinning Lara Croft. She became champion on the same night after pinning Sheik.

There was a theory among the VGCW universe that Carmen had stolen the belt after her victory against Sheik. In fact, there hadn't been one VGCW Diva's contenders match for the title since her victory over Sheik. Some even believed that the belt was gone forever.

On 2013-02-01, Bazza stepped in to resolve the issue. He officially stripped Carmen Sandiego of the title due to Carmen's "No Show" attendance. And a new belt was made.

Cammy Edit

Cammy still had her sights on the title after losing her title chance from The Boss weeks ago. She finally won the title by winning a six woman hell in a cell match on 2013-02-01. Due to the division's hiatus throughout The Great Tournament, Cammy was able to maintain the title for 70 days without defending it once.


Poison won a 4-woman battle royale match to become #1 contender for Cammy's title on 2013-04-06. Despite many (including Cammy) being against Poison competing in the woman's division, she was able to pin Cammy to become the new Gurl Gamer Champion. A tournament was held to determine a #1 Contender to her title, a tournament won by newcomer Princess Daisy. Poison would manage to defeat Daisy however, becoming only the second wrestler in WVGCW to defend her title successfully.

Carmen Sandiego (2)Edit

Following her reemergence on June 6th, Carmen Sandiego was granted a Champion Vs. Champion Match for the Gurl Gamer Championship by the GM in order to claim back the original belt she had stolen. Carmen would manage to pin Poison and steal the new belt become the first wrestler to hold the Gurl Gamer Championship twice.

Ivy ValentineEdit

Ivy Valentine won a 6-woman battle royale and a singles match to become the #1 Contender for Carmen's title on July 17th. Pulling off what many considered an upset, Ivy would end Carmen's undefeated streak and become the Gurl Gamer Champion. She would show that she was a force to be reckoned with by defeating fan-favourite Terra Branford in a Non-Title Last Woman Standing Match on September 3rd.


Lightning would manage to claim the very first Ms. Money in the Bank contract on June 6th. After being forced to cash-in by Carmen in order to remain undercover, she would manage to successfully cash-in her contract to defeat Ivy Valentine, who, after beating Terra Branford, was assaulted by the Damsels of Distress, and become the new Gurl Gamer Champion.

On October 4th however, she selflessly vacated her Reign as champion, technically making her the only Gurl Gamer Champion to remain undefeated throughout her reign.

Terra BranfordEdit

On October 4th, Ivy Valentine demanded her title back from Lightning. However, Terra Branford intervened and stated that Ivy should have to fight to claim the Gurl Gamer Championship, and asked that she fight her. Lightning agreed, and a title match was granted. Terra, not holding anything back, transformed into her Esper Mode and defeated Ivy, taking her place as the final Gurl Gamer Champion of Season 2. However, she used The Glitch Bomb to defeat Ivy, and with it being public knowledge...


On the debut episode of Season 3, the new Head Saint in Charge, The Saint, stripped Terra of the title due to her using the banned Glitch Bomb and her Esper form. However, The GM then offered a resolution...

Terra Branford (2)Edit

Right after vacating the title, The Saint gave both Terra and Ivy a chance of becoming the Gurl Gamer Champion by declaring a rematch in a Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match to declare the True Champion. On December 5th, Terra would show her tenacity as she managed to climb the ladder and grab the belt in under five minutes, becoming the second wrestler in the Female Division to win the Championship twice.


Ayla earned an opportunity to win the title on January 11 by beating Chell and Tifa Lockhart in a Triple Threat Match. She would later face Terra, surprisingly, at VGCW's End Game 6 in a Best 2/3 Falls Match. Ayla won 2-0 and became Gurl Gamer Champion. At Breakdown 2/3, Ayla defended her title against Bayonetta in another Best 2/3 Falls Match, winning 2-1. She would defend the title for a second time on May 30th against former champion Ivy Valentine, shortly after Ivy had been attacked backstage by Chell.


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Cate ArcherEdit

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Jade Edit

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List of Gurl Gamer Champion Title ReignsEdit

Female Division WrestlersEdit

Name Circumstances of Victory Length of Reign
1. The Boss Given the Title by default.

2012-12-15 to 2013-01-06 (22 Days)

(1 Successful Defence)

2. Princess Zelda/Sheik Won a Six-Woman Battle Royale, 2013-01-06. 2013-01-06 to 2013-01-13 (7 Days)
3. Carmen Sandiego Won a Six-Woman Battle Royale, 2013-01-13, won the title on the same night. Was stripped of the belt after dissapearing.

2013-01-13 to 2013-02-01 (19 Days)

4. Cammy Won a Six-Woman Hell in a Cell on 2013-02-01 to become the new champion. Her reign is the longest in the Female Division's history, due to the show going on hiatus.

2013-02-01 to 2013-04-12 (70 days)

5. Poison Won a Four-Woman Battle Royale, 2013-04-06.

2013-04-12 to 2013-06-20 (68 days)

(1 Successful Defense)

6. Carmen Sandiego (2) Granted a Title Match by Bryn McMahon, 2013-06-06. First wrestler in the Female Division to hold the title on two different occasions.

2013-06-20 to 2013-07-23 (33 days)

7. Ivy Valentine Won a Six-Woman Battle Royale and 1v1 match, 2013-07-17. 2013-07-23 to 2013-09-03 (42 days)
8. Lightning Claimed the Ms. Money in the Bank contract, 2013-06-06. Vacated the title on October 4th.

2013-09-03 to 2013-10-04 (31 days)

9. Terra Branford Granted a Title Match, 2013-10-04. Usage of the Glitch Bomb led to the title being vacated. 2013-10-04 to 2013-10-30 (26 days)
10. Terra Branford (2) Given the opportunity to win the title fairly upon being stripped of the title, 2013-10-30. Second Wrestler to win the title on two seperate occasions. 2013-12-05 to 2014-02-04 (61 days)
11. Ayla Won a Triple Threat Match, 2014-01-11. Won the title in a 2/3 Falls Match at End Game 6.

2014-02-04 to 2014-07-04 (150 Days) (2 Successful Defenses)

12. Chell Won the title in a Iron Woman Match (7-3) at Breakdown IV.

2014-07-04 to 2015-01-02 (183 Days)

12. Cate Archer Won the title in Singles Match at Breakdown F.I.V.E..

2015-01-02 to Present

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