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This is a list of the current and all past EDBW Co-Op Champions.
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  • Current EDBW Co-Op Championship Design

The EDBW Co-Op Championship is the male tag-team championship of EDBW. It debuted at Killscreen IV, the first new title to be introduced to EDBW since its inception.

EDBW Co-Op Championship Title HistoryEdit

# Champions Date Defenses Days Held Note
1 Sam & Max: Freelance Police 2015-11-24 2 269
  • Won in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match at Killscreen IV against Team Bean Machine.
2 Papyrus & Sans 2016-08-19 1 Current
  • Defeated Sam & Max in a 2/3 Falls match at Killscreen V.
  • Defended at EDBW: The Golden against the Third Street Saints.


Sam & Max: Freelance PoliceEdit

After spending much of Season 4 locked in a heated rivalry against Team Bean Machine, Co-General Manager Monokuma declared that the two teams would settle their feud at Killscreen IV in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match - and that it would be for the newly created EDBW Co-Op Championships. After a hard-fought contest, Sam was able to retrieve the titles, making Sam & Max the inaugural Co-Op Champions.

The two would go on to defend their titles twice over the course of Season 5 against Cho Aniki and The Monstars, remaining undefeated going into Killscreen V.

Papyrus & SansEdit

The winners of a #1 Contenders Co-Op Tournament, defeating L&N Security, Assassins of Kings, and The Mega Pawers, Papyrus & Sans earned the right to challenge for the Co-Op titles against the undefeated Sam & Max at Killscreen V. There, Papyrus & Sans made history by being the first team to topple the reigning champions, winning a 2/3 Falls match to become the second Co-Op Champions.

Their first title defense came at EDBW: The Golden, where the bone brothers defeated the team of Johnny Gat & The Saint to retain their titles.


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