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The Co-Op Championship is the VGCW's "Tag Team Championship." The title dates back to 2012-11-22 in which a host of eight newly-formed VGCW Tag Teams competed in a single elimination tournament to decide the Co-Op Champion. The tournament format has been used to determine new #1 Contenders since as well as having multiple teams prove their worth during the course of the season to earn their title matches since.


Team FortressEdit

The first VGCW Co-Op Champions. Team Fortress won the very first Co-Op tournament by defeating Super Mario Bros.Team Light, and finally Game Grumps to take the titles.

Five days after becoming the first Co-Op champions, Team Fortress retained their Co-Op title against the highly favored Law & Order.

GameCenter FUEdit

On 2012-11-27Arino and AVGN formed an alliance, dubbed GameCenter FU, after a bloody match opposing the two men. The very next day, they went on to win in an upset against The Saiyans to be top Contender for the Co-Op title and, in a historical match, GameCenter FU defeated Team Fortress on 2012-12-05 and retained against Raw Power on 2012-12-14.

The PracticeEdit

The very popular team of Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily went on to defeat GameCenter FU without even having to fight in a #1 Contenders Match on the 2012-12-19 show. Though skeptics at the time claimed their Co-Op reign to be a fluke, that notion was proved wrong after The Practice defeated and retained the belt against the at the time newly formed Co-Op favorites, Gerudo Skies.

Raw PowerEdit

After defeating Game Grumps in a non contenders match and previously losing to GameCenter FU for the Co-Op title, Raw Power went on to defeat The Saiyans to finally achieve another #1 Contenders position on the first day of 2013. On January 6th 2013, Raw Power earned their first Co-Op title after defeating The Practice in a brutal match. They would also retain against Team Light in another close match on January 17th 2013.

The ReturnersEdit

The Returners, the Co-Op team composed of Locke Cole and Sabin Rene Figaro, was created on 2013-01-17. They became #1 Contenders after defeating former Co-Op Champions GameCenter FU in a return Tables match after the first try nearly burned the building down. The following show, The Returners went on to defeat Raw Power to become VGCW Co-Op Champions.

Gerudo SkiesEdit

Ganondorf and Zangief won the #1 Contenders Tag Team tournament on 2013-02-10 to earn themselves a shot at The Returners. Gerudo Skies would go on to win that match and the Co-Op Championship on 2013-02-18, making The Returners the first team to lose the titles on their very first defense.

Gerudo Skies themselves would go on to become the first team to defend the championship multiple times when they retained the belts via DQ against The Elite Two on 02-28-13 and successfully defended against the Super Mario Bros on 04-17-13 as well as GameCenter FU on 05-15-13. Their next opponents would WarioWare Inc., to whom they lost the belt on the season four finale.

With their reign breaking 104 days, a feat that previously had never been accomplished with any belt and their two successful defenses, Gerudo Skies laid claim to both the most consecutive Co-Op championship defenses as well as the longest Co-Op title reign.

Wario Ware Inc.Edit

Wario and Waluigi won the #1 contender spot by beating out Super Mario Bros. on 2013-05-23. They would go on to win the Co-Op Championship at End Game 4 in a monumental upset, ending Gerudo Skies' reign at 104 days.

GameCenter FU (2)Edit

AVGN and Arino earned another title match with dominant singles performances and a hard-fought victory over the Game Grumps on 2013-07-31. The tornado tag match on 2013-08-23 was as close as it could be, but AVGN managed to get the pin just before Arino was taken out to give GameCenter FU their second Co-Op Championship.

Due to both plot and successful Season 5 singles runs, their first defense would be over two months later at End Game 5 against Team America. AVGN and Arino managed to hold their own quite well, showing little ring rust on their road to retaining. On 2013-12-10, they managed to defend the title against newly formed Sonic & Knuckles. And at End Game 6, the team made VGCW history by becoming the first team to defend their Co-Op titles three times after making short work of The Saiyans. That streak hit four when they quickly eliminated both members of The Practice on 2014-03-04.

Their record defense streak and 235-day reign would come to a surprising end against Shadaloo.


Once a team on the chopping block, M.Bison and Sagat knew they had to step it up if they wanted to remain on the roster. With dominant wins over The Dragons and Safety Valve, the team was finally able to get themselves a title bout on 2014-04-15. This tornado tag elimination about against GameCenter FU looked like it could go either way until the challengers' recent chemistry came into play again as they took out Arino and AVGN within seconds to earn their first Co-Op Championship.

The SaiyansEdit

While Shadaloo celebrated saving their careers with their title win, The Saiyans were one of the eight teams hoping that their team could win the long-awaited #1 Contenders' Tournament on 2014-04-22 to soon dethrone them. After three hard-fought victories, Nappa & Vegeta had their chance to take on Shadaloo at End Game 7. It was a battle that could have gone either way, but in the end, Nappa managed to roll M.Bison over when he least expected it to finally give the Saiyan duo their first Co-Op Championship.

They would go on to defend their titles twice, both times being against The DK Crew.

PK Chu Edit

Red and Ness had a lot to go through on their climb upwards. In the Co-Op Contenders' Tournament, they had thwarted three newly-formed tag teams: The Birds of Prey (Ezio and Captain Falcon), the imposing Dark Lords (Ganondorf and Dracula), and even the deadly Mavericks (Air Man and Proto Break Man). This earned them the right to challenge Vegeta and Nappa for the titles. On 2014-11-18, their match would go underway, and despite the strong offense the Saiyans posed, it would be Nappa who would tap out to Ness's submission, giving the two underdogs the Co-Op Championship.

The MavericksEdit

After being ousted from the Co-Op Contenders' Tournament, the Mavericks bounced back with a big win over The Dark Lords, only to falter once more at the hands of the Birds of Prey. Despite the setback, Break Man represented the team in a triple threat match against Dr. Eggman and Captain Falcon, with the winner earning a Co-Op Championship opportunity for his team. Break Man came out on top, and the Mavericks were off to End Game 9 with a rematch against PK Chu. A long fight finally reached an end after Break Man pinned Ness to give the Mavericks the gold.

List of Co-Op Champion Title ReignsEdit

Name Information Length of Reign
1) Team Fortress Won the Co-Op Championship tournament on 11-22-12

11-22-12 - 12-5-12 (13 days)

(1 Successful Defense)

2) GameCenter FU Beat The Saiyans on 11-28-12 to earn title match

12-5-12 - 12-19-12 (14 days)

(1 Successful Defense)

3) The Practice Given title match after Wily's strong performance in a VGCW title tourney

12-19-12 - 1-6-13 (18 days)

(1 Successful Defense)

4) Raw Power Beat The Saiyans on 1-1-13 to earn title match

1-6-13 - 1-28-13 (22 days)

(1 Successful Defense)

5) The Returners Beat GameCenter FU in a tables match on 1-22-13 to earn a title match 1-28-13 - 2-18-13 (21 days)
6) Gerudo Skies Won Co-Op Contender tournament on 2-10-13 to receive title bout. Was formerly the longest reign out of all titles in VGCW history.

2-18-13 - 6-2-13 (104 days)

(2 Successful Defenses)

7) Wario Ware Inc. Defeated the Super Mario Bros. on 5-29-13 to get a title match. 6-2-13 - 8-23-13 (82 days)
8) GameCenter FU (2) Granted a title match with dominant singles performances and a hard-fought victory over the Game Grumps on 7-31-13. Notable for being the longest Co-Op Championship reign in VGCW History.

8-23-13 - 4-15-14 (235 days)

(4 Successful Defenses)

9) Shadaloo After winning contendership by beating The Dragons and Safety Valve, fought GCFU on 4-15-14 and won. 4-15-14 - 5-13-14 (28 days)
10) The Saiyans Won a #1 Contenders' Tournament on 4-22-14 to earn their title match.

5-13-14 - 11-18-14 (189 days)

(2 Successful Defenses)

11)  PK Chu Defeated Birds of Prey, The Dark Lords, and The Mavericks in the Co-Op Contenders' Tournament, then finally defeated The Saiyans. 11-18-14 - 2-17-15 (91 days)

(2 Successful Defenses)

12) The Mavericks Break Man won a triple threat to earn contendership for his team. Defeated PK Chu at End Game 9. 2-17-15 - Present

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