Bray Wyatt
WWE Superstar

VGCW Wyatt

WWE Wyatt
Design from: WWE

Real Name Windham Lawrence Rotunda
Billed From? Snake Bight, Florida
Company/Group? WWE
Debut 2014-03-11
Ring Intro Music
Mark Crozer - Live in Fear
Sister Abigail,
Drop Suplex,
Running Body Block

Other Allies Luke Harper, Erick Rowan
Other Enemies Chris Jericho
Past Enemies John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Kane

"You wanna see something really scary?"

In Real Life/WWEEdit

Bray Wyatt is a wrestler for WWE, debuting in 2012 in FCW and later wrestling on NXT, before finally joining the main roster in the summer of 2013 after months of build-up. Joined by his "family" (read: cultists) he proceeded to attack various members of the roster (including Kane) while delivering bizarre promos about himself and his Family.

As he grew in popularity thanks to his off-the-wall wrestling style and creepy mic work, he entered a high-profile feud against Daniel Bryan and later went up against John Cena.

Bray previously wrestled under the terrible gimmick of "Husky Harris" during the Nexus storyline and got his ass kicked by John Cena.


Bray Wyatt appeared unexpectedly on the 2014-03-11 broadcast for a VGCW vs WWE match against Luigi. This debut caused mass confusion amongst VGCW viewers who had never seen the character before; his large stature, fedora, and apparent lack of hygiene caused many in the chat to believe a fan had entered the ring. Regardless, Bray quickly defeated Luigi with Sister Abigail, tying score to 6-6.


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