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Female Division Wrestler
Ayla vgcw
WWE'13 CAW created by: Illuminated Minutia
Real Name Ayla
Ring Announcer Name? A Love
Commentary Name? The Barbarian
Billed From? Pangaea
Company/Group? Square Enix
Debut 2013-08-08
Ring Intro Music
Ayla's Theme (Arrange Version) - Chrono Trigger (OST)
History's Strongest Slam
(Falling powerslam / World's Strongest Slam)

Tyrano Rack
(Argentine backbreaker Rack)
Status Active
Impression Neutral
Gurl Gamer Champion

2013-02-04 - Present

Ayla fight while alive! Win and live. Lose and die. Rule of life. No change rule."

Ayla is a character from the SNES RPG Chrono Trigger, and a wrestler in WVGCW. She is the current Gurl Gamer Champion.

In Chrono TriggerEdit

Ayla is a cavewoman from 65 Million BC and the leader of primitive humanity. She had been in constant conflict with the Reptites, a race of dinosaur people, until the intervention of a group of time-traveling heroes led by a man named Crono. Crono and his friends came to Ayla's time to destroy an extraterrestrial entity that impacted into Earth during her present which wiped out the Reptites and would eventually destroy the entire world eons later. Ayla agreed to join Crono's group to stop the creature, which she dubbed Lavos. The heroes eventually confronted Lavos in the year 1999 AD and successfully changed the future.


Ayla debuted on 2013-08-08 against Sindel. Unimpressed by Sindel's magic, she went on a strong offensive for most of the match until she finally put Sindel into the Tyrano Rack, forcing her to submit.

Her next match was against Samus Aran , and in a classic match, Ayla was victorious over the bounty hunter.

During the 6-Woman Battle Royale on 2013-09-13, Ayla won easily, first taking out Ulala , who managed to escape the Tyrano Rack, but was too drained to kick out. Meanwhile, She-Hulk took out Franziska Von Karma and Meryl, and then She-Hulk focused on her fellow superheavyweight, leaving Jade to get taken out by Ayla. Ayla then took advantage of She-Hulk's exhaustion to win the match. A singles match between the two heavyweights would only be a matter of time...

And come Breakdown, that will be the case, as the two superheavyweights will finally clash one on one. Will Ayla's unbeaten streak live on?

It did. After an epic battle, Ayla defeated She-Hulk at WVGCW Breakdown, but her first loss was around the corner...From a Portal Gun-using mute. Chell, who was unbeaten in singles, faced off against the unbeaten Ayla, and toppled the cavewoman in a shocker.

However, this wouldn't halt Ayla, as her performance earned her a chance for a title shot on her first appearance in 2014. Ayla dominated in the Triple Threat, first, with Tifa Lockhart's help, avenging her loss at Chell's hands, and then taking advantage to make Tifa tap out.

Ayla now had the Gurl Gamer Champion, Terra, in her sights, and would get her chance at End Game 6, as Terra finally returned from injury to face her. At first, the cavewoman seemed like she was completely outgunned by the Esper hybrid, landing one blow for every five Terra did, but the cavewoman would endure. When Terra attempted a second Riot Blade, Ayla seized her chance, grabbing Terra out of mid-air and hammering her with a History's Strongest Slam. The momentum fully switched to Ayla afterwards, and she would promptly sweep the match 2-0 to win. Ayla's swift climb is complete: she is the strongest, and the champion.

A month later, she met the number one contender Bayonetta in a 2/3 falls Hell in a Cell match. After a long, back and forth brawl taking place in and out of the ring, including a moment where the two traded falls via dealing finishers, Ayla successfully defended her title, winning 2-1.


Date Opponent(s) Type Result Record 1v1 Notes
03-14-14 Bayonetta 2/3 Falls Hell in a Cell Win 7-1-0 5-1-0 (83%) Won 2-1, Defended Gurl Gamer Championship
02-04-14 Terra Branford 2/3 Falls Win 6-1-0 4-1-0 (80%) At End Game 6, Gurl Gamer Championship Title Match
01-11-14 Chell, Tifa Lockhart Triple Threat Elimination Win 5-1-0 3-1-0 (75%) Gurl Gamer Championship #1 Contender Match
11-22-13 Chell Singles Loss 4-1-0 3-1-0 (75%)
10-04-13 She-Hulk Singles Win  4-0-0 3-0-0 (100%) AYLA STRONGEST THERE IS
9-13-13 Jade, Meryl Silverburgh, She-Hulk, Franziska von Karma, Ulala Six Woman Battle Royal Win 3-0-0 2-0-0 (100%)


Samus Aran Extreme Rules Win 2-0-0 2-0-0 (100%)
8-8-13 Sindel Singles Win 1-0-0 1-0-0 (100%) Debut


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