Note: The below content is from the VGCW Wiki front page for April Fools, it's not meant to be true.


Obama Son
In Real Life
Barack Obama is the President of the United States and leader of the free world. His crowning achievement is the reform of health care in America, and if you don't have health care by now, you're absolutely screwed. Obama is the master of teleprompters, even causing them to break in sheer awe. With less than three years to go in his term, Obama aims to surpass Theodore Roosevelt's simultaneous bear-wrestling record. God bless him.
The President may have had a short stay in VGCW, but his influence remains even to this day. As the innovator of the aptly-named "Obamaroll," Obama's tricks have changed the course of many a match with a sudden pinfall to bewilder both the fans and the one who gets pinned. He saved VGCW from certain doom by jobbing to Adolf Hitler twice, causing Hitler to laugh his way out of the door rather than wreak havoc on the locker room. Despite not appearing on the show in person since 2012, fans continue to show their appreciation for the legendary Commander-in-Chief to this day for his contributions. Thanks Obama.
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