AJ Lee
WWE Superstar


Design from: WWE

Real Name April Jeanette Mendez
Nickname(s) Geek Goddess,
Crazy Chick
Ring Announcer Name? AJ Lee
Commentary Name? AJ Lee
Company/Group? WWE
Debut 2013-08-08
Ring Intro Music
Jim Johnston feat. Kari Kimmel - Light It Up
Shining Wizard,
Black Widow

Other Allies Dolph Ziggler,
Big E Langston
Past Allies Daniel Bryan,
CM Punk,
John Cena
Other Enemies Kaitlyn

 "I dig crazy chicks."

In Real Life/WWEEdit

AJ Lee is a WWE Diva and the 3-time WWE Divas Champion, who held the title for over 295 days. She made her debut in WWE's NXT series, finishing in third place in the competition. Despite the loss, she came up to the main roster and worked in high-profile storylines in the company. She was featured as the romantic interest of many WWE Superstars, including Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Kane, John Cena, and Dolph Ziggler. AJ is also known as the "Geek Goddess," referencing her love of video games and comic books. Her fandom was referenced when she cosplayed as Kitana for a WWE Halloween Battle Royal and even performed Kitana's fan lift move.


AJ took part in the second female VGCW vs WWE match, fittingly going against Kitana in a Hell in a Cell match. After both women threw each other off the top of the cell, they got stuck outside of the cell in a bout of THQuality. The match was stopped after some time and resumed without the cell. AJ was able to make Kitana submit to the camel clutch, snapping VGCW's five-match winning streak over WWE.

In a reference to how AJ Lee has dressed up before as Kitana, Kitana reciprocated it by cosplaying as AJ Lee on the 2013-10-30 Halloween Special onwards.